The Secrets of a High Organizational Digital IQ

The Secrets of a High Organizational Digital IQ

Elite AccomplishmentElite Accomplishment

Just 20% of companies rate themselves as having an excellent digital IQ.

Defining QualityDefining Quality

Companies which use agile processes in any capacity are twice as likely to be top digital performers.

Top-Down SupportTop-Down Support

81% of top performer organizations have a CEO who is an active champion in using IT to achieve business strategies, compared with 68% of other companies.

Cognitive ConnectCognitive Connect

77% of top performers are workplaces in which IT understands marketing, compared to 57% of other companies.

Delayed Reaction: Agile ResponseDelayed Reaction: Agile Response

74% of survey respondents are concerned about their organization’s inability to quickly understand and adopt IT to stay competitive, but only 46% are addressing this.

Delayed Reaction: Inert InformationDelayed Reaction: Inert Information

72% are concerned about their organization’s inability to gather, understand and act upon data about its customers, products, companies and employees, but just 44% are addressing this.

Delayed Reaction: Fast LaneDelayed Reaction: Fast Lane

69% are concerned about the speed of technology change, but only 47% are addressing this.

Best Practices: Unambiguous StatementBest Practices: Unambiguous Statement

Develop a digital operating model to remove any room for interpretation when it comes to responsibilities for market-facing tech deployment, such as consumer apps, Websites and analytics.

Best Practices: Cultivate KnowledgeBest Practices: Cultivate Knowledge

Establish an outside-in learning pipeline, so product development and/or IT and/or business strategy professionals are gathering great ideas from outside the organization, such as university labs and vendors, and sharing them.

Best Practices: Accelerated MovementBest Practices: Accelerated Movement

Evaluate current project delivery approaches, processes and success rates and incorporate multidisciplinary teams within to ensure optimal agility.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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