Vista Adoption: Can Microsoft Beat the ‘Eye Candy’ Rap?

Is the world counting the minutes for the release of Vista on a cold day in January? Despite the increasing din from Microsoft’s hype machine and upbeat notes from Windows evangelists, managers in enterprise and small business see a transition far in the future. But how far? It could be very, very far.

At the same time, Vista appears to be gaining a reputation among users as “eye candy.” This perception may be hard to shake.

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In a recent column, I asked if readers believe we will see an immediate surge in Vista upgrades or whether most enterprise and SMB sites will wait. And, if they were putting off the transition, how long?

Using the responses as an informal poll, the results show that Microsoft hasn’t made much of a dent in the negative perception of the update. Most responders said they will wait a very long time before moving to Windows Vista.

Only 13 percent of readers had a good word for Vista, while 26 percent were adamantly against moving from Windows XP. The rest, 61 percent, said they would wait a long, long while before installing the upgrade.

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