Book Brief: The Workforce Scorecard

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 02-05-2005
The Workforce Scorecard: Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy
By Mark A. Huselid, Brian E. Becker and Richard W. Beatty
Harvard Business School Press, February 2005
288 pages, $29.95

The problem, argue the authors, professors all, isn't that managers don't understand the importance of employees. It's that they lack a good way to measure how well those employees are contributing to the company's success. Building off The HR Scorecard, which was co-authored by Becker and Huselid, they set out to change this by introducing a series of metrics that identify what an employee needs to do to help the company deliver on its mission. Not surprisingly, the authors argue that employees should be viewed in terms of their contribution, not how much they cost.