By the Numbers: How CIOs View Key IT Issues

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 10-16-2007

By the Numbers: How CIOs View Key IT Issues

Top IT Management Professional Concerns

1 Attracting, developing, and retaining IT professionals
2 IT and business alignment
3 Build business skills in IT
4 Reduce the cost of doing business
5 Improve IT quality
6 Security and privacy
7 Manage change
8 IT strategic planning
9 Making better use of information
10 Evolving CIO leadership role

What's Driving IT Hiring?

1 Business Growth
2 Replacement of employees who have left
3 Customer support
4 ERP installations
5 Regulatory compliance

How CIOs Spend Their Time

23% Relationship management with business
16% Strategy
13% Relationship management with IT
9% IT governance
8% Architecture
8% Operations
7% Non-IT
6% Software development
3% Other

Source: Society For Information Management

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IT-Business Alignment, the top concern of CIOs since 1995, no longer occupies the No. 1 spot on the Society for Information Management's annual survey of member CIOs. Attracting, developing and retaining IT talent is CIOs' top concern for 2007. Another change: Fewer CIOs report to CEOs than in the past. Here are more survey results: