Google Redoubles Enterprise Search Push

By Ben Charny  |  Posted 04-19-2006

Google has forged new partnerships with business software suppliers Oracle and as it makes a big push into selling enterprise search features.

As previously reported, Google has also coupled with business intelligence software provider Cognos.

Google's partnerships with Oracle and were reported by Business 2.0 journalist Erick Schonfeld.

Read more here about Google's previous connections to

Essentially, the companies are now set to blend their features together. Also, Google plans to let employees use the familiar-looking Google search feature to scour a corporate intranet.

The new relationships with incumbent enterprise software specialists could help provide the connections to the established enterprise software players that Google needs to be taken more seriously.

"Google's enterprise search, to many people, seems to still feel like a here-today-gone-tomorrow offering," said Harry Collier, an Internet search expert and founder of search events company Infonortics, of Tetbury, England.

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