Industry Focus: Automotive Technology

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 09-18-2006

From service-oriented architecture to business process management to RFID, technology is reshaping the automotive industry for the new millennium. Check out the following case studies, trends and analysis from CIO Insight and Baseline for more details.

What's Driving Toyota?
Behind Toyota's assembly line are sophisticated information systems supporting and enabling the business processes that help the automaker eliminate waste, limit inventory buildup and continually improve production.
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GM's Ralph Szygenda has the Biggest Stick in IT
General Motors CIO Ralph Szygenda and his big budget have brought the IT vendor community to its knees.
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Wireless: Oregon Road Tax Pilot Tests Alternative to Gas Tax
With gasoline prices high and likely to stay that way, fuel efficiency is chic again for the first time since the heyday of disco.

IT Behind Zip Cars Helps Redefine Car Rental
The Cambridge, Mass.-based car-sharing company seeks to replace the grind of car ownership with what it calls "a new model for automobile transportation."

SOA Case Study: How R.L. Polk Revved Its Data Engine
The auto data aggregator ditched its mainframe, spending more than $20 million to build a data factory. Was it worth it?

Canadian Tire CIO Spends $40 Million for POS Sweep
The $8.4 billion conglomerate saw replacing the 15-year-old payment system as essential, CIO Andrew Wnek explains.

NASCAR: How Hendrick Motorsports Uses IT To Tune Performance
The company, which fields six NASCAR teams, turned to product life-cycle management software to improve performance and reliability of its race cars.

Auto-Parts Chain Goes Modern, Stays Frugal
Larry Buresh, the CIO of the 1,138-store CSK auto-parts chain, knew his current store technology was out-of-date, but the cost of a major, enterprisewide upgrade was not practical.

Confessions of a Serial CIO: Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.'s Barbara Cooper
Since taking over the top tech post at Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., in 1996, Barbara Cooper has revolutionized an aging it infrastructure while navigating the company's pervasive corporate culture.

Thinking Out Loud: CIO Marv Adams
Ford CIO Marv Adams wants to make information management a core competency at Ford—while also cutting costs. To do that, Adams is bringing more IT people—and projects—inside.

Finance CIO Keeps Auto Industry Rolling
Auto industry carpools to form financing arm called RouteOne. The CIO that keeps it running, keeps the auto industry from stopping. Abruptly.