Oncologists: More IT Coming to Cancer Care

By M.L. Baker  |  Posted 09-19-2006

When studying health-IT and pay-for-performance plans, researchers usually focus on hospitals and general practitioners, and these groups usually fear that implementing new procedures will interfere with their work.

But a study released Sept. 15 found that community cancer doctors are adopting technology necessary to collect data and are ready to support pay for performance, or P4P, programs.

Ninety-four percent of surveyed oncologists said EMRs (electronic medical records) would be required to manage their practice efficiently and effectively, and 70 percent said they believed P4P programs could control patient costs and improve outcomes.

Traditionally, doctors are paid for each procedure they perform, so they are paid more if they perform more and more-complicated techniques.

P4P programs tie doctors' compensation to patient outcomes or to evidence that doctors follow care guidelines.

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