Symbol Marches Forward with RFID

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 09-26-2006

NEW YORK—On Sept. 19 Motorola announced its plans to acquire enterprise mobility company Symbol Technologies for $3.9 billion. While it was rumored that there was interest in Symbol from Motorola as well as its competitors, the announcement sent ripples through the RFID industry where Symbol has a strong presence in the reader and tag market.

Senior Writer Renee Boucher Ferguson sat down with Anthony Bartolo, the vice president and general manager of Symbol's RFID and Wireless Infrastructure Divisions, on Sept. 25 in New York to discuss where Symbol is at now with its RFID efforts, and where Symbol and Motorola might take the nascent technology together.

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The chief technology officer of Symbol, who was scheduled in Mr. Bartolo's stead, was not available.

Prior to the Motorola acquisition, where was RFID on Symbol's roadmap prior, and where do you expect to go once the company is acquired?

We are still going through an integration process that will take place through the end of the year, beginning of next year at the latest and then we will be one entity. I would anticipate that, depending on the development cycles of both the Motorola teams and Symbol teams, and the synergies we will get, you will start to see products that are a combination of the two within two or three quarters or so.

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