The Smartest 100 Companies of 2006

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 04-07-2006

Which companies are the smartest?
Using public financial data companies have reported over the past three years, Baseline contributor Paul A. Strassmann has developed a formula that can be used to rank companies by how smart they are. The formula is another way to evaluate how well an information-technology department is supporting an organization.

THE LIST: Real estate, technology, financial services, biotech and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and media corporations top the list of the smartest companies.

DOWNLOAD THE RANKINGS: Download the list of the 100 smartest companies, available as a PDF.

DO IT YOURSELF: How smart is your company? Figure it out using this step-by-step interactive worksheet.


EBAY: Portable applications propel the online auctioneer.
MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT: Tracking the appeal of Spider-Man and other characters through business analytics powers the bottom line.

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