Top Security Stories: What You Need to Know

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 05-26-2006

Baseline's 5-Step Security Survival Guide
How to develop and manage a world-class security infrastructure—and justify the investment to your bosses.

  • No. 1: Detect the Initial Attack
  • No. 2: Track Down the Source
  • No. 3: Enact an Incident Response Plan
  • No. 4. Deal with the Bosses
  • No. 5: Learn from Experience

    3 Key Computer Security Tools You Should Be Using Today
    While the concepts underlying them aren't new, these technologies have now matured past the interesting-but-impractical stage.

  • 1. Security Information Management
  • 2. End-Point Security
  • 3. Intrusion Prevention Systems

    Veterans' Data Swiped: What You Can Learn
    Security experts offer two key lessons for corporate security managers from one of the largest thefts of personal data ever reported.

    Case Study: Bank of America Battles Fraud
    Read about how the bank required 19 million online customers to move to a new log-in system.

    Case Study: Unilever Builds Mobile Security From Scratch
    The consumer goods company needed to create policies for 1,000 handheld devices used by executives worldwide.

    Steal These Ideas: 5 Security Experts Weigh In

  • Matthew M. Speare, M&T Bank's corporate information security officer
  • Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Internet Security's founder
  • Bruce Forman, Genesis HealthCare's information security director
  • Gary McGraw, Cigital's chief technology officer
  • Scott K. Davis, T. Rowe Price Investment Technologies' network security manager