Secure Your Data, Not Just the Perimeter

Secure Your Data, Not Just the Perimeter

Secure Your Data, Not Just the PerimeterSecure Your Data, Not Just the Perimeter

A recent report recommends a “new mindset,” in which companies focus more on the protection of the data itself than on securing the perimeter.

Breaches Up, Compromised Records DownBreaches Up, Compromised Records Down

There were 1,792 breaches in 2016, down 4% from 1,866 the prior year, but the number of data records lost or stolen increased to 1.4 billion, up from 740 million in 2015.

Leading Sources of Data BreachesLeading Sources of Data Breaches

Malicious outsiders: 68%,
Accidental loss: 19%,
Malicious insider: 9%,
Hactivist: 3%,
State-sponsored incidents: 1%

Leading Types of AttacksLeading Types of Attacks

Identity theft: 59%,
Financial Access: 18%,
Account Access: 11%,
Nuisance: 8%,
Existential data: 4%

Industries Hit the HardestIndustries Hit the Hardest

Healthcare: 28%, up 11%,
Government: 15%, down 9%,
Retail: 12%, down 10%,
Financial services: 12%, down 23%,
Technology Sector: 11%, up 55%

Records Breached by IndustryRecords Breached by Industry

Technology sector: 391.6 million records, 28%,
Government: 391.7 million records, 28%,
Healthcare: 35.2 million records, 3%,
Retail: 32.5 million records, 2%,
Financial: 13.3 million records, 1%,
Hospitality: 9.5 records, less than 1%,
Education 4.3 million records, less than 1%,
Other: 500 million records, 36%

North America Hit the Most BreachesNorth America Hit the Most Breaches

North America accounted for 80% of all breaches. The total number in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America was 1,433, up 11% from last year. The U.S. had 1,348 of the total.

Breaches WorldwideBreaches Worldwide

Europe followed the U.S., with 161 incidents (9% of the total). Asia-Pacific had 145 incidents (8%), and the Middle East and Africa had 38 incidents (2%). South America had less than 1% of the breaches.

Breaches With Unknown Number of Records CompromisedBreaches With Unknown Number of Records Compromised

In 52% of the breaches, the number of compromised records was unknown because the information was not publicly available in the breach disclosure.

Encryption MIAEncryption MIA

Encryption was used in only 4% of the data breaches.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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