Technologies and Sectors Most Vulnerable to Hacks

Technologies and Sectors Most Vulnerable to Hacks

Technologies and Sectors Most Vulnerable to HacksTechnologies and Sectors Most Vulnerable to Hacks

Web developers reported that the government and financial sectors are the most vulnerable to hacks and that smart home (IoT) is the most vulnerable technology.

Sectors Most Vulnerable to HacksSectors Most Vulnerable to Hacks

Government: 61%.
Financial services: 50%.
Media: 44%.
Healthcare: 32%.
Communications: 32%.

Most Vulnerable TechnologiesMost Vulnerable Technologies

Smart home tech (IoT): 52%.
Smart TVs: 42%.
Web access and online services: 41%.
Connected cars: 35%.
ATMs: 34%.
Artificial Intelligence (AI): 31%.

Recent Innovative HacksRecent Innovative Hacks

Russian hack of DNC: 47%.
WannaCry: 32%.
CIA security breach: 30%.
Chipotle: 25%.
OneLogin: 23%.

Why Elections Are VulnerableWhy Elections Are Vulnerable

57% of respondents said democratic governments are vulnerable to hacks because political parties lack IT security expertise. 54% attributed that to outdated and potentially insecure polling equipment.

Effective Ways to Combat Election RisksEffective Ways to Combat Election Risks

Increase background checks on volunteers and staffers: 52%.
Political parties hire specialists: 47%.
Governments allocate money to the problem: 45%.

Providing Security to Political PartiesProviding Security to Political Parties

41% of respondents said that governments should provide secure systems to political parties, but only 10% thought politicians communicating via email was a concern.

Cyber-Security ChallengesCyber-Security Challenges

Lack of IT understanding: 57%.
Lack of budget: 57%.
Lack of concern: 39%.
Cyber-security is too complicated: 30%.

What to Do in the Event of a BreachWhat to Do in the Event of a Breach

Contact law enforcement: 55%.
Assess the type of threat: 52%.
Hire forensic specialists: 52%.
Isolate parts of the network: 38%.
Limit insider access to the investigation: 33%.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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