CIOs Grow Frustrated With Hiring Delays

CIOs Grow Frustrated With Hiring Delays

CIOs Grow Frustrated With Hiring DelaysCIOs Grow Frustrated With Hiring Delays

It’s taking more than a month to hire IT professionals these days—too long for many CIOs, as the delays result in many candidates taking a job with competitors.

Slow ProcessSlow Process

41% of the CIOs surveyed said the hiring process for IT staff jobs takes longer than they’d like.

Extended Vacancy, Part IExtended Vacancy, Part I

On average, CIOs said it takes 4.5 weeks to fill these jobs.

Extended Vacancy, Part IIExtended Vacancy, Part II

27% said it takes up to three months to fill IT staff jobs.

Biggest Barriers to Hiring Tech TalentBiggest Barriers to Hiring Tech Talent

Candidates seek higher salaries than can be offered: 44%.
There’s a lack of qualified candidates: 33%.
Company is not viewed as employer of choice: 21%.

Pet PeevePet Peeve

57% of the professionals surveyed said a long post-interview wait to hear whether they got an offer is the most frustrating aspect of job searches.

Tight DeadlineTight Deadline

69% of workers said they’d wait up to two weeks after an interview to get a status update before losing interest in the job, and 23% said they’d wait only one week.

Best Practice: Be PreparedBest Practice: Be Prepared

Work with your team to determine the skills and experience most needed. Conduct research to find out what qualified candidates are seeking in salaries, benefits and incentives.

Best Practice: Open the ProcessBest Practice: Open the Process

Involve those team members in the interviews because their input can help make better decisions. With candidates, be totally transparent about the hiring process and job requirements.

Best Practice: Move QuicklyBest Practice: Move Quickly

Don’t allow too much time to pass between interviews, status updates, internal discussions and, of course, the job offer.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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