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    How to Manage Office Gift-Giving Thoughtfully

    The holiday season can lead to some awkward moments in the office, especially if management lets gift-giving get out of control. Without specific guidelines that are provided well ahead of time, you run the risk of having some more

    IT Execs Are Challenged by Digital Transformation

    IT leaders are grappling with how to cost-effectively transform their organization into a digital enterprise even though they are being limited by traditional enterprise thinking. Many struggle to achieve the transformation while more

    Employees' Holiday Shopping Causes IT Headaches

    It's the time of year when CIOs and their IT teams are bracing for potential network, systems or device issues, thanks to the number of employees who do their holiday shopping online when they're on the job, according to a recent more

    How to Market Yourself With a Winning Résumé

    Are you one of the many executives who haven't looked at their résumé in months … or years? Do you think it's not necessary because you're secure and happy with your current company and feel that revising your r& more

    What CIOs Must Do to Retain Skilled IT Employees

    The majority of CIOs surveyed said they are concerned about retaining current IT staff over the next 12 months, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. Many of these executives said their operations would be more

    How Hybrid Cloud Security Can Defeat DDoS Attacks

    Cyber-crime costs come from advanced cyber-threats and businesses' complacency when it comes to protection from distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. While many companies have attack-mitigation technology, they more

    Disaster Recovery Is Heading Into the Cloud

    With relentless productivity demands, there's no time for downtime these days. Unfortunately, the vast majority of organizations spend at least an hour—if not two or more—recovering from a server failure, according more

    Security Talent Shortage Hurts Business

    Large businesses with few full-time security experts pay three times more to recover from a cyber-attack than businesses with in-house experts, said a new report. In addition, an inability to hire new security talent has a direct impact on the damage more

    The CIO's Influence in the Business Is Growing

    In addition to being perceived as trusted custodians of technology systems, CIOs and other tech leaders said they are becoming change instigators and business co-creators in their companies, according to a recent survey from Deloitte. more

    Why IT Budget Planning Can Give CIOs Nightmares

    While most CIOs and other senior IT executives expect technology budgets to increase over the next year, the actual implementation and management of those budgets is growing increasingly complex, according to a recent survey from more

    Why Companies Are Overhauling IT Infrastructure

    Organizations are carefully examining the state of their IT infrastructure as they dedicate themselves to a digital transformation, according to a recent survey from SignalFx. With this transition considered a primary strategic more

    Managers Hear Outlandish Excuses for Missing Work

    As an IT leader, you certainly don't want your tech employees coming to work when they're sick. Sure, it may seem noble to soldier on while suffering from high fevers, congestion, coughs or an assortment of other maladies, but more

    Managing the Complexity of Machine Data Storage

    Thanks primarily to the growth of the internet of things (IoT), machine data is expected to account for a huge volume of all data within several years. This influx presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to analyze their more

    Why So Many IT Employees Feel Disengaged

    CIOs and other senior executives need to do a better job of addressing disengagement in the workforce, according to a recent survey from Oracle. The resulting report, "From Theory to Action: A Practical Look at What Really Drives Employee more

    Deficient Security Gives Cyber-Attackers Free Rein

    Cyber-attackers often enjoy unconstrained time in an organization's network because they outpace their victims' ability to respond, according to a new report. But if companies limit intruders' time to wreak havoc, forcing them to make decisions more

    Why Some Managers Don't Motivate Employees

    A significant share of employees do not feel very engaged at work, according to a recent survey from Appirio. The resulting report, "The Human Touch for Tech Talent: Employee Retention Could Be as Simple as 'Thank You,'" sheds light on how " more

    How to Deal With the Cyber Kill Chain

    In the quest to stay ahead of cyber-threats, many cyber-security teams have turned to a well-understood military concept, the kill chain, which details how adversaries structure their attacks. They are working to implement their own defenses in order to more

    Why IT Training Efforts Get Mixed Grades

    While most organizations are investing in training for their tech talent, IT leaders and workers offer contrasting perspectives about the effectiveness of these efforts, according to a recent survey from TEKsystems. IT leaders are notably more

    Why Business Departments Choose Their Own Tech

    While CIOs believe that their IT organizations are doing a good job delivering on business outcomes, line of business (LOB) departments are frequently taking the task of tech investment into their own hands, according to a more

    How a Skills Gap Impedes the Use of New Tech

    A lack of skills and understanding is delaying the implementation of the IoT, big data and other new technological trends, according to a new study. "Trends vs Technologies," a research report from Capita Technology Solutions in more
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