Why Formal Performance Reviews Won’t Disappear

Be honest with us: Are there times when you'd rather go to the dentist than give another performance review? It's never easy, after all, to come up with a comprehensive summary of an employee's valued contributions, outstanding work qualities and "improvement areas." And then there are review sessions that can get emotionally charged—especially when the staffer in question strongly... Read More »

A Hire Calling: How to Assemble an IT Dream Team

When interviewing IT job candidates, why simply fill vacancies when you can bring on a dream team of well-rounded players? By assessing candidates for strengths that extend far beyond a simple command of job description-based tech skills, you'll recruit employees who can make meaningful, lasting impact throughout your entire organization. In the book, Read More »

Effective (and Simple) Ways to Keep Top Talent

Retaining top talent can be a real problem for IT leaders, but there are effective (and simple) ways to keep your best workers.

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Why Challenging Your Employees Can Be a Challenge

Employees are making New Year's resolutions for 2016—with many committed to taking charge of their professional lives, Read More »

Why Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured Away

Organizational leaders say they want to significantly boost the size of their IT department this year—but they admit that they face significant challenges in retaining the tech employees they already have, according to Read More »

What Makes (and Breaks) Professional Reputations

Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers differ greatly about what helps and hurts one's reputation at work, according to a recent, generational-focused survey from Weber Shandwick and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR). Read More »

What Do Your Employees Really Think of You?

Workers generally give their managers high marks on a wide variety of needed performance measures, according to a recent survey from InstructureRead More »

5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)

Whether these occasions are considered an evening to remember—or simply endure—an increasing number of companies are planning to host office holiday parties this year, Read More »

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can free up time for more strategic-focused goals—and relying on a virtual assistant can ultimately cut costs.

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