Why Hirers Use Social Media to Screen Candidates

A growing number of CIOs and other hiring managers are screening job candidates by checking out their social media pages, Read More »

Fighting a Security War With Yesterday’s Tech

Despite news stories highlighting nation-state hacks, the top external threat to enterprises is cyber-criminals, according to a new study. U.S. federal IT execs are the least likely to increase spending due to data breaches, however. The report, "2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report - U.S. Federal Government... Read More »

When Employee Expense Report Requests Go Bad

Could any task inspire more tedium than a marathon review of expense report submissions? You scroll and scroll—and scroll some more—with your eyes glazing over at the 25th request to get comped for a Big Mac value meal. Then, suddenly, something totally off-the-wall catches your attention—like an attempt to get reimbursed for a flat-screen TV. Or a new car. Or a side... Read More »

Oddball Interview Questions Asked by IT Bosses

As a CIO, you've probably asked a lot of IT job candidates a lot of interview questions. But have you ever inquired as to whether a potential hire would like to be a particular kind of gerbil? Or pose a challenge that involves weighing an elephant? Believe it or not, actual tech position candidates were asked about these and... Read More »

How CIOs Can Lead a Digital Transformation

The majority of CIOs now perceive of themselves as their organization's primary driver of a business and IT transformation, according to a recent survey from Cognizant. The report, titled "Being... Read More »

How IT Tools Support the Contingent Workforce

With contingent, contractual and otherwise independent employees accounting for an increasingly greater share of the workforce, managers are seeking better IT solutions to help manage these professionals, according to a recent survey from SAP Fieldglass. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

How Torchbearer CIOs Illuminate Opportunities

With the competitive landscape seemingly shifting every week, CIOs are intensely focused on expanding IT's role as a business-impacting innovator, according to a recent survey from the IBM Institute for Business Value. The report, titled "Redefining Connections: Insights from the Global C-suite Study - The CIO Perspective," reveals that CIOs... Read More »

The Best Cities to Grow Your Career

As a CIO, you probably spend much time thinking about ways to land—and retain—top tech talent. The competition for highly qualified IT workers is only getting stiffer, after all. Yet, aside from selling candidates on salary and bonuses, fringe benefits and career development possibilities, how often do you showcase your local city? And how much homework have you done with respect... Read More »

Why IT Workers’ Confidence Is on the Downswing

Are your tech teams looking a bit gloomier than usual these days? There may be a good reason for it, as overall confidence among IT workers is on the downswing compared to six months ago, according to recent survey findings released by Randstad Technologies. These employees are conveying less optimism about a broad range of factors impacting their future: A growing number feel the economy is... Read More »

Why Security Pros Are Always Under Pressure

A shortage of security expertise is now the third biggest pressure security professionals face, up from eighth last year, according to a new report. Advanced security threats and the adoption of emerging technologies are the two concerns ahead of the shrinking pool of security experts. The goal of the survey was to measure... Read More »

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