ITaaS Delivery Models Expected to Soar

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 10-16-2013 Email Print this article Print

Traditional means of acquiring and deploying business-driving tech solutions appear to be getting, well, lost in a cloud, according to a new survey from PMG. In fact, cloud computing and IT as a service (ITaaS) delivery models are expected to grow so fast, that future generations of professionals may find it difficult to believe that companies once set aside lots of valuable office real estate to stock all of that tech stuff. PMG's 2013 PMG Enterprise IT Survey report indicates, for example, that enterprises are moving rapidly to make enterprise app stores available for quicker, more effective and affordable purchases. Similarly, they're migrating steadily to the ITaaS model for infrastructure, software and other needs. Oddly enough, however, the majority of technology professionals surveyed say their organization hasn't come up with a formal enterprise cloud strategy. Still, it's clear that this is where companies appear to be heading. The survey also includes a couple of general state-of-IT questions, such as how CIOs can enhance their value equation within their department. And, in a just for fun question, PMG asked tech workers what they daydream about while at the office. Nearly 330 U.S. IT professionals participated in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • Well-Schooled

    Two-thirds of tech pros give their organizations at least a B grade in evaluating their current state of IT innovation.
  • To-Do List

    44% of tech pros say their organizations have deployed an enterprise app store or plan to do so within the next 12 months.
    2-To-Do List
  • Biggest Benefits of Enterprise App Stores

    Increased control over app usage: 72%, Reduced risk: 65%, Greater control over software costs: 54%, Increased value delivery: 53%, Decreased admin expenses: 51%
    3-Biggest Benefits of Enterprise App Stores
  • Clueless About Clouds

    56% of IT pros say their organization has no enterprise cloud computing strategy.
    4-Clueless About Clouds
  • Thrifty Thinking

    51% believe IT as a Service (ITaaS) models will save money, and more than one-half of them say 10% to 50% of their tech portfolio will be delivered this way within three years.
    5-Thrifty Thinking
  • Biggest Benefits of ITaaS Models

    Faster IT services delivery: 74%, Better alignment between IT and business: 52%, Reduced costs: 49%, Improved IT security and compliance: 48%, Increased business efficiencies: 47%
    6-Biggest Benefits of ITaaS Models
  • Balanced Perspective

    58% of IT pros say CIOs can deliver business value by demonstrating how IT impacts the organization in both positive and negative ways.
    7-Balanced Perspective
  • What Do IT Pros Daydream About?

    Traveling to a faraway, exotic land: 49%, Driving a fast sports car: 20%, Getting a "big bad new server": 16%, Taking a nap: 9%, Watching a Big Bang Theory marathon: 6%
    8-What Do IT Pros Daydream About?
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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