Digital Marketers Need More Centralized IT

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 04-15-2014 Email Print this article Print

Digital marketers are determined to expand their cross-channel campaigns in order to reach customers wherever they are, whether on the Web, social media, mobile devices and so on. However, marketer are struggling to make it happen due to tech-based barriers, according to a recent survey from Experian Marketing Services. CIOs must work closely with these professionals to incorporate the following three best practices: Consolidate data sources so marketers can easily access them in real-time. Create a centralized process for data management to ensure there is a unified, strategic approach enterprise-wide. And deploy better automation and search technologies to increase functionality and data standardization while also reducing human error. "This is the year in which marketers move beyond being creative brand managers and invest in the technologies, the tools and the people necessary to make real, cross-channel interactions happen," says Ashley Johnston, senior vice president of global marketing for Experian Marketing Services. "In today's world, consumers are seamlessly transitioning [among] various devices and channels. Marketers need to understand how best to communicate with their customers through these channels to provide a relevant and personal experience for those customers." More than 500 global marketers running digital campaigns participated in the research. For more about the survey (subscription required), click here.

  • Big Plans

    80% of digital marketers anticipate running cross-channel campaigns in 2014, and 60% of digital marketers intend to integrate within no less than four separate channels in 2014.
    Big Plans
  • Top Channels for Digital Marketers

    E-mail: 99%, Social media: 98%, The web: 96%
    Top Channels for Digital Marketers
  • Top Social Networks for Digital Marketing

    Facebook: 93%, Twitter: 88%, Pinterest: 64%, YouTube: 50%, Instagram: 39%
    Top Social Networks for Digital Marketing
  • Primary Offender

    39% of digital marketers say their company's current tech is the top barrier to cross-channel marketing—the top barrier listed.
    Primary Offender
  • Other Major Barriers to Cross-Channel Marketing

    Organizational structure: 38%, Budget: 38%, Lack of single customer view: 33%, Lack of customer-behavior understanding: 30%
    Other Major Barriers to Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Piecemeal Process

    Only 28% of marketers work on teams that are fully integrated, and most work on teams that are organized by channel or are only somewhat integrated.
    Piecemeal Process
  • Top Business Challenges for Marketing Leaders

    Collecting and managing structured and unstructured data: 61%, Having the right systems to effectively create and manage customer interactions: 48%, Tracing and measuring the effectiveness of integrated campaigns: 44%
    Top Business Challenges for Marketing Leaders
  • Causes of Poor Data Quality

    Human error: 59%, Lack of communication among departments: 31%, Inadequate data strategy: 24%
    Causes of Poor Data Quality
  • Siloed Structures

    Only 30% of digital marketers say their data is managed centrally by a single director. The majority say that, while some centralization exists, many departments adopt their own strategy.
    Siloed Structures
  • Far-Flung Information

    Only one-fifth say they have the ability to link offline data, such as phone numbers and addresses, with online identities very well, and 14% don't link these two data sets at all.
    Far-Flung Information
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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