What Today's Mobile Users Want

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CIOs are emerging as leading voices—if not the top influencers—in determining how their companies should move forward with mobility initiatives. This includes, of course, collaborating with business-side colleagues to determine the right combination of technology and marketing strategies to "be where the customer is" with respect to consumer devices. But not all mobile users are the same, and a new survey report from Experian Marketing Services examines seven categories of smartphone consumers in terms of device and technology preferences. The report, titled "The Always-On Consumer," breaks down smartphone user types as follows: Prodigies (about 5 percent of smartphone users), who are constantly connected, mobile-centric tech trendsetters; Tribals (13 percent), who are hyperconnected but device agnostic; Personals (15 percent), who are heavily into direct messaging and social media; Pragmatists (18 percent), who mainly use their devices to stay on top of work and home matters (but will also check game scores); Browsers (24 percent), who are big into surfing the mobile Web, especially for news; Occasionals (11 percent), who are strictly into making calls, playing solitaire and checking the weather; and Talkers (13 percent), who use their phone mainly for conversations and sometimes a game. Each of these users seeks something different from their devices. To find out what that is, read on. More than 12,860 U.S. smartphone owners took part in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • Prodigies: Always On

    57% of prodigies say they need to be connected to the Internet from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed.
    Prodigies: Always On
  • Prodigies: On the Move

    51% carry multiple devices, and 72% say they access the Internet today more through these devices than via a traditional computer.
    Prodigies: On the Move
  • Tribals: Gen "i"

    46% of Tribals pick Apple's iOS as their primary smartphone operating system, more so than any other smartphone user type.
    Tribals: Gen
  • Tribals: Socially Connected

    87% often access social media from multiple devices.
    Tribals: Socially Connected
  • Personals: Out of Reach

    20% of Personals say they frequently get requests from others to connect via social media.
    Personals: Out of Reach
  • Personals: Commercial Interest

    They're 2.3 times more likely than the average smartphone owner to say they'd be interested in receiving ads on their phone.
    Personals: Commercial Interest
  • Pragmatists: Home Work

    86% of Pragmatists use their smartphone as the primary device to access the Internet at home, compared to 68% of all other smartphone users.
    Pragmatists: Home Work
  • Pragmatists: Task Focused

    73% say they depend upon their smartphone to help them get work done where and when they want to.
    Pragmatists: Task Focused
  • Browsers: Signature Statement

    Just 9% of Browsers say their phone is an expression of whom they are.
    Browsers: Signature Statement
  • Browsers: Daily "To-Do"

    More than one-third say they're clicking on social media at least once a day.
    Browsers: Daily
  • Occasionals: People Watchers

    49% of Occasionals say they prefer reading other people's social-media posts than writing their own.
    Occasionals: People Watchers
  • Occasionals: Singular Focus

    Just 17% access social media from multiple devices.
    Occasionals: Singular Focus
  • Talkers: Google This

    65% of Talkers use Android as their primary smartphone operating system, the highest among all smartphone user types.
    Talkers: Google This
  • Talkers: Wallflowers

    67% never visit social-media sites, far more than any other smartphone user type.
    Talkers: Wallflowers
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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