Useful Virtualization Stats, Trends and Practices

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We live in an "Everything as a Service" universe. That's because CIOs and other tech leaders are transitioning all forms of tech resources and support—from hardware to software to storage to platforms—to a virtualized environment. As a technology, virtualization is nothing new. The term dates back to the mid-1960s, when IBM developed the early incarnations of what would become the IBM System/360 Model 67, which was considered a virtual machine/virtual memory operating system. Since then, companies such as Microsoft and VMware have emerged as lead innovators in virtualized computing. Given the anticipated growth, consider the following a grab bag of useful statistics, trend predictions and best practices about all things virtualization. They were compiled from a number of online resources, including those presented by Microsoft's TechNet and They not only speak to the hype, but to the cautionary approaches that CIOs and other managers should take in moving forward. "Virtualization has gone from being a test lab technology to a mainstream component in datacenters and virtual desktop infrastructures," writes Wes Miller in the TechNet posting. "Along the way, virtualization has occasionally received a 'get out of jail free' card, and has not had the same degree of efficient IT practices applied to virtual deployments as would be expected of actual physical machines. This is a mistake." For more about Miller's best practices, click here. For more about the VMblog posting, click here.

  • Virtualization Statistics: Server Saturation

    Virtualization has surpassed 50% of all server workloads—and will reach 86% by 2016.
    Virtualization Statistics: Server Saturation
  • Virtualization Statistics: App Abundance

    There are more than 15 million applications which are deployed on virtualized infrastructures.
    Virtualization Statistics: App Abundance
  • Virtualization Statistics: Budget Boost

    Three-quarters of senior executives say projections for cost savings after virtualization implementation have been fully realized, and 70% say virtualization has had a significant impact on efficiency and cost savings.
    Virtualization Statistics: Budget Boost
  • Virtualization Trends: Lead Change

    Software as a Service will overtake enterprise-based apps as users and organizations grow more comfortable storing data in the cloud than on personal devices.
    Virtualization Trends: Lead Change
  • Virtualization Trends: Favorable Shift

    Virtual storage area network technologies will become more effective and low-cost, making it easier for enterprises to move virtual machines from one server to another.
    Virtualization Trends: Favorable Shift
  • Virtualization Trends: Desktop Assistance

    Amazon's Workspaces and VMware's Horizon DaaS will accelerate demand for virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.
    Virtualization Trends: Desktop Assistance
  • Virtualization Trends: Budgeting Tool

    More companies will turn to chargeback and metering tools to gain greater visibility into virtualized resource utilizations, hoping to improve cost control and workload mapping.
    Virtualization Trends: Budgeting Tool
  • Virtualization Best Practices: Choose Wisely

    You don't want to virtualize every application, especially if it won't save your organization money. Older, smaller apps may work best, as opposed to those with heavy traffic demands.
    Virtualization Best Practices: Choose Wisely
  • Virtualization Best Practices: Fully Explore What You're Getting Into

    Before committing, assess storage requirements, backup and recovery support, the number of virtualized guests you can migrate to a host, and so on.
    Virtualization Best Practices: Fully Explore What You're Getting Into
  • Virtualization Best Practices: Don't Take Security for Granted

    Many virtual systems aren't patched or they're patched late. And needed patches and security signatures can be too easily removed, even unintentionally.
    Virtualization Best Practices: Don't Take Security for Granted
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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