The Cost of Inefficient Health-Care Communications

American hospitals are wasting $11.2 billion each year because of inefficient communications technologies, according to a new report from Imprivata. Physicians, nurses and other providers who coordinate and deliver patient care rely on antiquated pagers and are hampered by them and the absence of secure text messaging, among other communications problems, such as a lack of Wi-Fi, according... Read More »

Real Estate Company Reduces Its E-Mail Burden

Thanks to a new app, a Chicago real estate company has dramatically reduced the number of its e-mails but still maintained its employees' ability to collaborate.

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Blueprint, Prototype or Pilot: Which Is Right?

Sometimes it's difficult to know which option is best for getting a new project approved, but getting stakeholder buy-in in the early stages is vital.

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IT Teams Thriving With DevOps

As part of the agile movement, the term "DevOps" emerged in 2009 as a quick, techno-hip way to combine the words "development" and "operations." Since then, the concept has gained momentum, to the point where a majority of organizations are either implementing DevOps or are planning to, according to a recent survey from Puppet Labs. The... Read More »

Apple Is Your New CIO

The future of the enterprise is in IT systems and applications, like Apple's Yosemite and iOS 8, which display a person's current computing state on any device at any time.

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Crowdsourcing Gets Real for CIOs

Crowdsourcing has evolved into a mainstream enterprise tool for problem solving and innovation, but many CIOs are not using it effectively.

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How Intel Taps Into Its Internal Expertise

Intel CIO Kimberley S. Stevenson discusses the chip maker's social collaboration initiatives, including an internal version of LinkedIn for employees and a new document-sharing strategy.

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BeSafe Goes Real-Time With Emergency Services Data

With its new web portal, BeSafe Technologies can provide critical site-specific information to fire and police departments and other emergency responders in real-time.

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Enterprises Controlling How Users Share

Bigtincan's Content Intelligent report for the last half of 2013 finds that enterprise users increasingly need to manage, control, or simply oversee how much their users share content both inside and outside the organization. The biannual BIgtincan survey is conducted to highlight mobile users' interactions with content and emerging trends. The latest (and third) Content Intelligent report... Read More »

The Rise of Mobile Enterprise Apps

As more businesses operate 24/7 and seek to expand globally, those most likely to succeed will embrace enterprise mobility as a key communications strategy, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The market researcher expects the global market for enterprise mobility solutions to reach $217 billion by 2018. All types of... Read More »

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