Deluge of Data Threatens Many Backup Systems

When it comes to backup and recovery, IT organizations are clearly struggling with the amount of data that needs to be managed. A new survey of 200 IT professionals conducted... Read More »

IT Pros' Biggest 2014 Fear: Data Loss

IT professionals face a multitude of issues each day, but none are larger than the threat of losing data or failing to properly backup and secure mission-critical information, according to a new Read More »

IT Struggling With File Management

Thanks to the ever-expanding availability of mobile devices and cloud-based storage—not to mention the sheer volume of information, data and docs that they deal with every day—IT departments are having a difficult time staying on top of file management, according to a recent survey from Hightail. Cloud computing is playing an... Read More »

Data Governance Efforts Continue to Lag

While there's always been a lot of concern about how data is governed, a new survey suggests a significant gap exists between the level of concern and organizations’ actual plans to implement data governance as part of a larger compliance strategy. A new... Read More »

How Companies Can Improve Their Big Data Analytics

If you had a car with a fantastic engine in your garage, you'd drive it, wouldn't you? After all, it makes no sense to invest in such a product and leave it hidden under a tarp, right? If so, then think of big data as the great, potential "engine" within your organization that remains, well, pretty much in storage, as CIOs and tech professionals agree that they're not doing nearly enough to... Read More »

Shepherd Chemical Mixes a Winning Storage Strategy

A specialty chemical manufacturer focuses on improving its network and storage infrastructure to drive business results around the world.

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T2 Drives Big Gains Through Storage

Parking management firm T2 Systems turned to a more sophisticated SAN infrastructure to take its operations into the digital age.

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Data Centers Getting Bigger—and Leaner

With big data getting only bigger, there's no slowdown in the expansion of data-center operations for enterprises throughout the world, according to a recently released research from the Uptime Institute. The resulting "2013 Data Center Industry Survey" indicates that—while facilities continue to increase capacity—data... Read More »

The Changing Dynamics of Data Storage

A new survey of 568 IT professionals working in organizations with 200 or more employees conducted by NaviSite, a cloud service provider, finds that nearly one-quarter of an organization’s IT budget is now allocated to data storage... Read More »

Using Flash Memory For Faster ERP Transactions

Pella Corp. replaced some of its storage area networks with flash memory arrays, resulting in cost savings and quicker applications and ERP transactions.

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