The Rise of Cyber-Crime as a Service

This year began with explosive growth in ransomware domains, according to a DNS threat index, driving an all-time high in new malicious domains. The threat index, which measures the creation of malicious DNSs including malware, exploit kits, phishing and other threats, was created by Infoblox, the network control solutions provider. "There has been a seismic shift in the ransomware threat,... Read More »

Where Has All the Social Engagement Gone?

Navigating the strange, new and unpredictable world of social networking and social media is a neverending journey.

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Super Bug Hunters Collect Millions in Bounties

More organizations are adopting bug bounties—incentivized programs that encourage security researchers to report security issues to a sponsoring organization. Bug bounties are moving from novelties to best practices, helping to strengthen the security of products. "2015 was the year companies realized that when it comes to cyber-security, the pain of staying the same is exceeding the... Read More »

How Security Laws Inhibit Information Sharing

A new report finds that although there is a need for actionable threat intelligence and information-sharing worldwide, significant obstacles exist because of data privacy and protection and national security laws. The result is a chilling effect on cross-border cooperation that must be addressed. In that spirit, the report, "Read More »

Refining Raw Data Into Marketing Gold

Marketing executives are determined to build more personalized campaigns and interactions with customers—but they don't feel they can do so with their current tech resources, according to a recent survey from Bluecore. The resulting report, titled "A Marketing Leader's Guide to the... Read More »

Why IT Leaders Are Cloud Believers

About a decade ago, the cloud was still considered somewhat of a novelty. Today, it is considered as commonplace—and business-critical—as computing devices, servers or even electricity. For proof, look no further than a recent survey from Evolve IP, which indicates that the vast majority of CIOs, senior tech... Read More »

Why Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators

With the current, rapid pace of advancements in artificial intelligence, modern managers are embracing the inevitable: that intelligent systems will step forward in the near future as trusted partners and collaborators in making business decisions, Read More »

How Wearables Support New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions focused on personal well-being can be difficult to attain, but wearable tech provides many ways to support the journey to improved health.

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The Worst Data Breaches of 2015

Data breaches in 2015 weren’t kind to organizations that found themselves on the wrong end of a breach: 193.4 million personal records were compromised last year, and 5 million of those were compromised by the top seven breaches, according to a new study. The study revealed that cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting the medical and health-care fields, which store valuable patient... Read More »

How to Use Threat Intelligence Intelligently

A new survey finds 47 percent of companies and government agencies have been breached since 2013 and that cyber-intelligence could have prevented (or minimized) the consequences of those attacks. The survey was sponsored by IID and conducted by the Ponemon Institute. "The amount of large organizations that have been breached online... Read More »

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