IT Needs Help Against Cybercriminals

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 01-24-2014 Email

Security is a top concern in the enterprise, and according to a new survey of 350 IT professionals by RedSeal Networks, it's also the largest morale killer for IT professionals, many of whom have tried for years to stay ahead of malicious cybercriminals, only to find out that those efforts have invariably failed. "It's pretty clear that the majority of today's companies just don't have enough visibility into their networks and therefore don't know what needs protecting and what doesn't," says Parveen Jain, CEO of RedSeal Networks. "We often see major corporations being attacked day in and day out, but since they don't have a full understanding of their infrastructure security weaknesses and risk gaps, they don't know where and how to put up their defenses." That lack of insight into network activity, coupled with the fact that security firms aren't doing enough to keep users safe, has led the IT side to feel there's little that can be done to fix the flaws. Simply put, many IT departments are losing the cybersecurity war—and IT professionals feel incapable of changing the tide.

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