What IT Staff Worry About Most

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EiQ Networks, a company that offers security, risk and compliance solutions, recently conducted a survey, "What Keeps IT Pros Up at Night," which shows that regulatory compliance to protect corporate data continues to be one of the greatest challenges that organizations across all industries face. Meanwhile, the top three information security nightmares are an external data breach for financial gain, failing an audit and the loss of intellectual property, according to respondents. EiQ Networks surveyed 272 decision makers, including security managers and network and systems engineers, from companies across several different industries including health-care, government, financial services and retail. The majority of respondents, 30 percent worked at companies with up to 499 employees, 25 percent worked at companies with 2,500 to 9,999 employees, 21 percent came from companies with between 500 to 2,499 employees, and the rest worked at corporations with 10,000 or more employees. To read the survey, click here

  • Biggest Information Security Nightmare

    34% respondents say external data breaches for financial gain are their worst nightmare. Meanwhile, 31% say failing an audit is their greatest nightmare.
    1-Biggest Information Security Nightmare
  • Greatest Risk to Enterprise

    17% say employee misuse presented their greatest risk, 16% name application vulnerabilities and 14% cite malware.
    2-Greatest Risk to Enterprise
  • Types of Information Stored on Mobile Devices

    Corporate email: 82%, Business contacts: 77%, Corporate information available through business apps: 43%
    3-Types of Information Stored on Mobile Devices
  • Time to Find Cause of Beach

    Longer than a month: 6%, Within a month: 23%, Within a week: 32%, Within a day: 14%
    4-Time to Find Cause of Beach
  • Systems Monitored in Real-Time

    37% of respondents say 75% to 100% of switches, firewalls, servers, security appliances and applications are monitored in real-time. And 35% say less than 25% of desktops and laptops are monitored in real-time.
    5-Systems Monitored in Real-Time
  • Mobile Devices Monitored in Real-Time

    52% say less than 25% of mobile phones and tablets are monitored in real-time. Only 9% monitor 75% to 100% of mobile devices in real-time. And 29% don't know the status of their real-time monitoring.
    6-Mobile Devices Monitored in Real-Time
  • Information Risk Strategy

    Almost three quarters (74%) have implemented an information risk strategy.
    7-Information Risk Strategy
  • Preparedness for Cyber-Security Leaks

    21% say they are very prepared and 59% are somewhat prepared.
    8-Preparedness for Cyber-Security Leaks
  • Preparedness of Security Department

    27% say their department is very experienced and prepared and 57% say their security department is somewhat experienced and prepared.
    9-Preparedness of Security Department
  • Top Five Regulations or Best Practices Implemented

    ISO: 36%, ITIL: 35%, HIPPA/high tech: 28%, SANDS Critical Security Controls: 23%, NIST 800-53: 23%
    10-Top Five Regulations or Best Practices Implemented
  • Top Three Largest Challenges to Demonstrating Compliance

    Measuring and reporting compliance: 31%, Automating IT controls: 24%, Identifying a noncompliant system: 14%
    11-Top Three Largest Challenges to Demonstrating Compliance
  • IT Security Department Staffing

    23% say they have just the right amount of people, but a whopping 67% say their IT security department is inadequately staffed.
    12-IT Security Department Staffing
Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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