CIOs Fall Short in Reaping Gains From Big Data

CIOs Fall Short in Reaping Gains From Big Data

Agenda DriverAgenda Driver

Nearly seven in 10 survey respondents say data and analytics (D&A) is either “crucial” or “very important.”

Top Benefits of D&ATop Benefits of D&A

Conducting analysis with greater speed: 79%, Identifying insights that would have otherwise been missed: 65%, Increasing sophistication: 59%, Saving costs due to improved efficiency: 58%

Budget ItemBudget Item

71% say they plan to spend more than 5% of their sales on D&A over the next two years.

Unexploited PotentialUnexploited Potential

96% say that they could do a better job deriving value from D&A, and 56% say at least some of the resulting benefits “left on the table” could be significant.

Biggest Challenges of Data CaptureBiggest Challenges of Data Capture

Integrating data tech into existing systems and business models: 42%, Getting enough capacity to capture all data from every area of business: 36%, Identifying what data to collect: 26%

Learning CurveLearning Curve

75% say there’s at least some level of difficulty in making decisions based upon D&A.

Flexible PlanFlexible Plan

56% say they’ve changed their business strategy to meet the challenges of D&A.

How Global Organizations Have Changed Business Strategies to Benefit D&AHow Global Organizations Have Changed Business Strategies to Benefit D&A

Increased capacity via hardware or personnel: 47%, Attained management buy-in for big data collection and analysis: 39%, Honed parameters for data collection: 27%

Top Steps Taken to Help Integrate D&ATop Steps Taken to Help Integrate D&A

Upgraded IT systems: 53%, Improved data collection processes: 51%, Trained management to use data in decision making: 45%, Trained staff in D&A: 39%, Recruited for D&A: 38%

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