Connecting to the IoT Reality

Without a clear strategy, security and a good policy framework, the IoT can't meet its potential, and firms will struggle to transform investments into results.

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The Gap Between AI Opportunity and Reality

Most businesses aren't putting artificial intelligence (AI) to work in any meaningful way. There's a gap, if not a chasm, between opportunity and reality.

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Data Privacy Gets More Public

Data security and privacy are top of mind for executives, and government entities are now entering the picture, including New York State and the European Union.

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How AI Will Change Business and Tech

A smarter IoT, more powerful chips and AI will change business and tech in profound ways, producing smarter drones, robots and wearables, and better analytics.

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Let's Not Whitewash Tech History

We need to look beyond books, movies and other media to obtain a more accurate view of technology's past, including all the individuals who made contributions.

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CIOs Must Put AI on the Fast Track

CIOs must begin to formulate a more focused AI strategy and look for ways to use the technology to disrupt both their business practices and their industry.

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H1-B Visas Shouldn't Become a Political Weapon

Draconian measures to block immigrants on H1-B visas are counterproductive. The benefits of immigration outweigh the costs. It already has made American great.

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The Time for Machine Learning Is Now!

Machine learning is about to become a lot more important. It's about to redefine how everything—from marketing and sales to HR to operations—takes place.

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DDoS Attacks Are a Growth Industry

There's no simple way to address cyber-security threats, which include DDoS attacks, multi-vector attacks, the vulnerability of DNS and DNSSEC, and IoT botnets.

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