How Experts are Made

How Experts are Made

Selling Yourself: Identify Your DistinctionsSelling Yourself: Identify Your Distinctions

Define your unique value points in terms of knowledge to share. For example, what tech and business topics do you understand more than most other CIOs?

Selling Yourself: Go SocialSelling Yourself: Go Social

By building Twitter followers, participating in impromptu social-media discussions about tech on Google+ and similar activities, you raise your profile as a respected authority.

Selling Yourself: Come Up With Personal Case StudiesSelling Yourself: Come Up With Personal Case Studies

In assembling biographical materials, focus on success stories in which you implemented impactful strategies to solve problems and include meaningful outcomes.

Selling Yourself: Engage With ContentSelling Yourself: Engage With Content

Your bio materials should be conversational and inviting, but also concise. Also, consider hiring a professional for your photograph.

Selling Yourself: Capitalize Upon Signature MomentsSelling Yourself: Capitalize Upon Signature Moments

Your e-mail signature can contain links to your LinkedIn page, articles you’ve written and other online, marketable materials.

Presentation Essentials: Seek to TeachPresentation Essentials: Seek to Teach

Audiences are highly receptive to experts who come across as caring and helpful instructors as opposed to insufferable know-it-alls.

Presentation Essentials: Develop Deep Understanding of Pain PointsPresentation Essentials: Develop Deep Understanding of Pain Points

Convey audience members’ problems with rich “I’ve walked in your shoes” details to further establish your relevance and credibility.

Presentation Essentials: Customize Your MessagePresentation Essentials: Customize Your Message

Audiences aren’t “one size fits all.” You need to research the specific industry, geography and demographics and craft your presentation accordingly.

Presentation Essentials: Share, Share, SharePresentation Essentials: Share, Share, Share

Be gracious in praising and sharing the good research and accomplishments of others to introduce outside examples which support your points.

Presentation Essentials: Prioritize Action StepsPresentation Essentials: Prioritize Action Steps

When audiences know what they should do, and in which order to do it, they feel like they’re walking away with a clear game plan.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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