How Downtime Impedes Digital Transformations

How Downtime Impedes Digital Transformations

How Downtime Impedes Digital TransformationsHow Downtime Impedes Digital Transformations

Unplanned downtime and other availability and protection gaps are costing organizations millions a year and can stall companies’ digital transformation efforts.

Road BlockRoad Block

66% of the IT decision-makers surveyed said their digital transformation initiatives are being inhibited due to unplanned downtime.

Out of ReachOut of Reach

82% said their company is experiencing a gap between user demand and what IT can deliver—an “availability gap.”

Vulnerable PositionVulnerable Position

72% of the IT decision-makers surveyed said their organization is experiencing a “protection gap”—IT’s inability to protect data often enough to satisfy user tolerance.

Huge ExpenseHuge Expense

The availability and protection gaps cost organizations an average of $21.8 million a year—up from $10 million in 2015.

Lukewarm EndorsementLukewarm Endorsement

Just 15% of the IT decision-makers surveyed are very confident in their current tools’ abilities to back up and recover virtual machines.


Survey respondents said that, on average, 27% of servers experience at least one unplanned outage every year. Nearly a third of those outages last for more than half an hour.

Stringent StandardsStringent Standards

55% said that no more than 15 minutes of downtime is tolerable for high-priority apps, but 22% said that no amount of downtime is acceptable for these apps.

Biggest Consequences of DowntimeBiggest Consequences of Downtime

Loss of customer confidence: 53%,
Damage to brand integrity: 45%,
Loss of employee confidence: 38%,
Diversion of resources from long-term or critical projects: 31%,
Potential for legal action: 31%

Top Cloud-Based Services in UseTop Cloud-Based Services in Use

Software as a Service: 39%,
Infrastructure as a Service: 31%,
Platform as a Service: 28%

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