10 Best Business Process Automation Tools Small Businesses Use

What business process automation tools do you use at your small business?

To help small business owners adopt process automation tools for their company, we asked CEOs and executives for their best suggestions. From utilizing cloud-based case management to scheduling content in advance, there are several automation strategies that may help you streamline business processes to grow your company.

Here are 10 business process automation tools for your small business:

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Integrate Chatbots Into Customer Service

A tool we use at our small business for business process automation is a chatbot that immediately notifies a customer that we’re online and ready to help. This is good for business because users are able to feel immediately connected to a resource in case they have a question, and also helps us speed up service delivery.

Our employees don’t have to do repetitive tasks, such as asking for a person’s name, because the bot does it for them. All they have to do is come in to help answer any questions or issues. In turn, it also helps us increase customer satisfaction.

Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

Use Automated Payroll Systems

As an outsourcing service provider, we at C9 use business automation solutions that have global capabilities to serve our dedicated staff around the world. When employers choose to source talent through our company, we offer end-to-end managed services and utilize automation solutions to streamline those complex processes.

For example, we use Veem for international online payroll. Incorporating automation in business processes has reduced overall cost and chances for human error.

Phillip Lew, C9 Staff

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Utilize Cloud-Based Case Management

One business process automation tool to consider is a low-code platform for its automation and collaboration capabilities. We recently created a cloud-based flexible case management and automation solution for one of our clients that centralized all the information needed for each case being worked on at any given time.

Business users were able to access pertinent case files, including team comments, emails, and team member details. With our advanced process automation capabilities, we digitized process initiation and management so that users could access the newest case information at once and improve their productivity and customer satisfaction.

Spiros Skolarikis, Comidor

Leverage Automated Routing Optimization

Automated routing optimization produces less congestion, less packet loss, and more success with deliverability. By selecting a network that uses the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform, a business can automatically analyze routes with congestion or packet loss and then reroute packets to their optimal routes.

This automated tool has been shown to improve performance and deliverability by up to 50% by bypassing congestion and packet loss.

Mor Hasson, Maple Hosting

Delegate Repetitive Tasks

For us, as we create handwritten cards, we’ve had to invest in robots that help us write each card. This helps us automate our business and makes sure that we’re able to deliver our cards in a timely fashion as well. While this is specifically tailored to us due to the nature of our business, I would encourage any business to look at their own repetitive tasks and try to automate them.

It will free up a lot more time for you to do other things for your business and help your employees do their tasks better as well. Whether it’s implementing faster ways to send invoices, or a tool that helps you in the creation of your product or service, investing in it is worth it.

David Wachs, Handwrytten

Simplify Customer Referral Programs

We developed a fully automated referral program to allow our users to invite their friends and earn more free credits when using our product. This automation includes sending invites, receiving invites with an activation code, and assisting users in understanding how to get the most out of their invitations.

This improves our organic growth and helps us reach a wider audience with no human intervention required. We highly recommend small businesses implement and automate a referral program that matches their business goals.

Guy Katabi, Lightkey

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Utilize Machine Learning With Python

At Terkel, we place thousands of panelist insights into articles for brands through daily questions posted on the platform. This process requires selecting the best answers from the submitted insights and creating collaged images of the panelists and experts. To reduce human intervention and automate the process, we depend on machine learning and deep learning algorithms in Python.

We developed a deep learning model that runs to select the best answers through content intelligence. We also have another machine learning model that automates the image graphics and consolidates all the answers and the final image into an article which will then be published for brands.

Sri Sagar Kalisetty, Markitors

Schedule Content in Advance

I use HootSuite to automate my content calendar. I’m able to create content and post to four social media sites simultaneously. Using HootSuite also enables me to schedule content weeks to months in advance. This saves lots of time that I can use to focus on other aspects of business operations.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching

Unlock Customization Options

Zapier is a great tool that can be adjusted to suit any business. Whether you need to back up files, notify team members of changes, or follow up with leads, Zapier is able to do it all. It’s easily customizable and can fit the needs of any small business — a truly versatile tool.

Jason Brandt, Podopolo

Get Control of Your Schedule

One business process automation tool we use at our small business is Calendly. Calendly helps us automate the process of setting up meetings both internally and with our clients. It is really useful and saves our teams a ton of time.

Lauren Picasso, Cure Hydration

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