Why Organizations Need a CDO

Why Organizations Need a CDO

Market DominatorsMarket Dominators

71% of companies that outperform the competition in terms of market share are “digital leaders,” as are 70% of organizations that exceed competitors on customer and partner satisfaction.

Cash FlowCash Flow

67% of companies that outperform competitors in gross revenues are digital leaders, as are 65% of organizations which claim the same about profit margins.

Widespread ImpactWidespread Impact

70% of digital leader companies expect to see their digital transformation make a positive impact on employee performance, product portfolio and customer efforts.

A Key ObjectiveA Key Objective

More than eight of 10 say that digital transformation is a top priority among their most senior executives, while less than half of “digital dabblers,” who are lagging behind, say the same.

20/20 Vision20/20 Vision

87% say there is a compelling vision for digital transformation at their companies, but less than 50% of digital dabblers agree.

The Buck Stops HereThe Buck Stops Here

CEOs at about one-third of digital leader companies take personal accountability for these efforts, compared to just 11% of CEOs at digital dabblers.

Up to the TaskUp to the Task

83% have explicitly and formally appointed someone to lead digital transformation, such as a CDO, yet only 50% of dabblers have done the same.

Four CDO Candidates to Avoid: The Tech WhizFour CDO Candidates to Avoid: The Tech Whiz

While being a hotshot programmer is nice, it’s more important to inspire action and mobilize support. Leading requires more than doing.

Four CDO Candidates to Avoid: The DaredevilFour CDO Candidates to Avoid: The Daredevil

Experimentation is good. But an effective CDO takes smart risks, backed by validation, instead of reckless ones.

Four CDO Candidates to Avoid: The TheoristFour CDO Candidates to Avoid: The Theorist

As opposed to daredevils, theorists drown themselves into data, reports, books, research and more research instead of taking decisive action.

Four CDO Candidates to Avoid: Fan BoyFour CDO Candidates to Avoid: Fan Boy

Fan boys aren’t good at acquiring tech because, well, they want to buy everything. You need a CDO who shops with a discerning business leader’s mindset.

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CIO Insight Staff
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