11 Challenges for Today’s CIO

11 Challenges for Today’s CIO

Redefining the IT CoreRedefining the IT Core

The core was traditionally defined by infrastructure, apps, information and sourcing. But the modern paradigm includes public and private cloud deployment, information architecture creation, and mobile support.

Growing as Strategic LeadersGrowing as Strategic Leaders

With CMOs taking more ownership of tech decisions, will they threaten to marginalize CIOs into operational roles, not strategic ones?

Balancing Cost Vs. ValueBalancing Cost Vs. Value

You’re under pressure to reduce IT expenses but to increase innovation at the same time. How do you validate the future, long-term ROI of tech investments?

Accommodating Tech-Savvy UsersAccommodating Tech-Savvy Users

Everyone’s a tech expert these days, right? And every user comes with different device and app preferences and business-critical needs. It’s your job to manage it all.

Building a Two-Speed IT DepartmentBuilding a Two-Speed IT Department

Those differing speeds speak to the demands of conventional and nonlinear tech support. The latter is required to rapidly respond to new, disruptive business models and to scale up and down in real-time.

Securing the Mobile EnterpriseSecuring the Mobile Enterprise

The traditional perimeter is dead. How do you protect the network in the age of BYOD?

Corralling Big DataCorralling Big Data

It’s all about your analytics tools. Make sure they come with highly intuitive, self-service capabilities and actionable, ad-hoc reporting. Also, they need to be mobile-friendly.

Landing the Right TalentLanding the Right Talent

Three in five CIOs say it’s difficult to recruit tech professionals with sufficient skills.

Making the Case for 3D PrintingMaking the Case for 3D Printing

3D printing has proven useful for the testing of ideas, rapid prototyping, R&D and other functions. Yet, two-thirds of execs still don’t see a business need for it.

Establishing Clarity in an Internet of Things UniverseEstablishing Clarity in an Internet of Things Universe

There will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. So prepare for a potential Tower of Babel in terms of devices, apps, systems and standards.

Storing It AllStoring It All

The immense growth of big data requires a transition from traditional storage models to virtualized ones. But only one of five IT managers feels their department is ready to do so.

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CIO Insight Staff
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