Uncertainty Slows Hiring Plans for Many Companies

Uncertainty Slows Hiring Plans for Many Companies

Steady GrowthSteady Growth

24% of companies will add full-time, permanent employees in 2014, which is just slightly lower than this time last year.

Ramping DownRamping Down

13% plan to decrease staffing levels, up from 9% this time last year.

Moment of OpportunityMoment of Opportunity

42% plan to hire temp or contract workers, and 43% of those organizations plan to eventually transition some of these temp workers into full-time, permanent positions.

Sticky SituationSticky Situation

23% say they will hire at a slower rate—or not expand at all—until the debt ceiling is resolved in the first quarter.


26% plan to create new jobs specializing in STEM skills.

Tech BoostTech Boost

29% plan to increase recruitment for IT professionals, which trails only sales staff (30%) for the most in-demand occupational niche.

Domestic CommitmentDomestic Commitment

26% of companies that have offshored jobs say they plan to bring some of these positions back to the U.S. in 2014.

In Search OfIn Search Of

51% of HR managers say they currently have positions for which they can’t find qualified candidates, and 46% of these HR managers say the vacancies go unfilled for three or more months.

Back to School, Part IBack to School, Part I

49% of employers plan to train people who don’t have experience in their industry and hire them, up from 39% this time last year.

Back to School, Part IIBack to School, Part II

26% are sending workers back to school to get an advanced degree, and are picking up all or part of the costs.

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