Special Report: Keeping IT Talent

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 06-13-2007

Analysis: As baby boomers prepare to retire, companies are scrambling to fill the gaping hole they will leave in the workplace. The issue is particularly important in IT, which is already battling a skills shortage. In the coming years, talent recruitment and retention will be a top priority. So what are you doing about it today?

  • The Looming CIO Shortage
    A new report from the Society for Information Management projects a shortage of qualified CIOs in the years ahead. That means companies must groom their next I.T. leader. Here's how.

  • Slideshow: The Seven Roles of Highly Effective CIOs
    Slideshow: The Society for Information Management's Advanced Practices Council has identified seven key roles highly effective CIOs perform. How many do you do?

  • Succession Planning: Cultivating the Next CIO
    Rather than recruit from outside the company, Chubb Corp. lured IT veteran June Drewry out of retirement to train the firm's next top tech executive. Here's why.

  • How to Get—and Keep—Top IT Talent
    As the labor pool tightens and employee loyalty declines, keeping top talent is increasingly difficult. The time for companies to adapt is now.

  • Four Skills IT Can't Afford to Lose
    The supply of good IT professionals is drying up, and CIOs need to develop an IT-specific human resources strategy.

  • Three Experts' Tips for Retaining IT Staffs
    In the face of a rapidly dwindling IT workforce, CIOs need to be planning their future hiring strategy now.

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