Why IT Needs to Step Up as a Business Partner

While most tech and C-level execs believe that IT should serve as a collaborative partner of business, only a minority said this is actually happening, according to a recent survey from McKinsey & Company. The accompanying article, titled "Read More »

How Tech Change Ramps Up Business Pressures

The vast majority of IT and business executives are bracing for what's expected to be unprecedented tech changes over the next several years, according to a recent survey from Accenture. Accenture's 2016 Technology Vision Report, titled "Read More »

Why Innovation Is All About Many Small Steps

While the vast majority of senior executives agree that innovation is an important organizational quality that helps them achieve goals, very few companies actually gain significant business benefits from innovation, Read More »

Why Formal Performance Reviews Won’t Disappear

Be honest with us: Are there times when you'd rather go to the dentist than give another performance review? It's never easy, after all, to come up with a comprehensive summary of an employee's valued contributions, outstanding work qualities and "improvement areas." And then there are review sessions that can get emotionally charged—especially when the staffer in question strongly... Read More »

How Digital Dexterity Gives Businesses an Upper Hand

Are all of your company's core operational processes automated and digitized? Can you access customer data in real-time? Do you and your colleagues base decisions on data and analytics—instead of best guesses" If so, then you could qualify as a digital organization, according to a recent survey from... Read More »

CIOs Shift From IT Leader to Business Leader

The changing role of the CIO is cause for both excitement and some trepidation, as more business units expect CIOs to drive strategy—and revenue.

Read More »

The New CIO: From Provider to Empowerer

The managing director and global head of CIO Services at North Highland has some advice for CIOs: Prepare for significant change. 

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How Tech Takes the Fear Out of Change

Most executives consider disruption as a constant—and likely lasting—dynamic within their industries, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. The accompanying report, titled "Read More »

How to Avoid Strategic Self-Sabotage

Do you have a saboteur within your IT team? Or are you doing such damage yourself—without being aware of it? The recent book, Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors that Undermine Your Workplace (HarperOne/available now), addresses these possibilities by identifying... Read More »

Five Reasons Why Employees Are Thankful

Aside from providing large salaries, big bonuses and all kinds of cushy perks, what can you do to make your staffers thankful for being at work? Try a combination of proactive, professional developmental efforts, along with the fostering of an inviting work environment, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. Fortunately,... Read More »

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