Five Ways to Make Flextime a Win-Win

Flextime has matured into a mainstream concept for business and IT, but making it work effectively in your enterprise can prove tricky.

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Why Security Awareness Programs Fail

Organizations need to shift from promoting awareness of potential problems to embedding security habits that create a "stop and think" behavior—and affect risk positively.

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Employees Link Productivity to Flexible Schedules

A generation ago, flexible schedules were perceived as exceptions in the workplace. Today, they've emerged as mainstream. And most Americans say that flexible schedules boost productivity, as opposed to hindering it, according to recently released research from The Harris Poll. The vast majority of poll... Read More »

10 Ways to Lead a Virtual Team

A new Unify study finds that highly successful virtual teams engage more often on a personal level, with team members speaking their minds and contributing openly regardless of their location. The report says team member location is not a significant factor for success, but conversing is. "Highly successful teams engage more often on a personal level; [members] speak their minds and... Read More »

10 Classic Project Management Mistakes

Organizations frequently struggle with project management, and tech initiatives are no exception. Research reveals that 45 percent of large IT projects go over budget, while delivering 56 percent less value than promised. Meanwhile, three-quarters of project participants lack confidence that their efforts will succeed, and nearly four of five say that business is "usually" or "always" out of... Read More »

Why Extracting Value From Big Data Is Difficult

Businesses that are exploring big data need to consider the technical and talent challenges and develop well-defined business objectives before committing staff and budget to any initiatives.

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Blueprint, Prototype or Pilot: Which Is Right?

Sometimes it's difficult to know which option is best for getting a new project approved, but getting stakeholder buy-in in the early stages is vital.

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11 Qualities of Great Digital Team Members

To succeed as a senior manager today, you need to take charge of your digital teams. That requires the hiring and developing of professionals with a wide range of skill sets to keep up in an intensively competitive, rapidly changing business world. Your digital team, after all, has the potential to make immense impact upon nearly every conceivable business area, judging by just this sampling... Read More »

Nine Steps to Achieving Transformational Change

A new study on transformational change in organizations outlines best practices that engage employees, provide a vision of the future and improve work processes. "Transformational Change—Making It Last" highlights what leading companies do to revolutionalize the way their employees work. The APQC study distinguishes between... Read More »

Three Tips About Managing Expectations

To manage others' expectations, it's important to outline a strategy and set clear objectives, adjust to organizational realities, and address the needs of your employees.

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