Millennials, Gen X Express Strong Job Satisfaction

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 08-14-2014 Email Print this article Print

Millennials and (to a lesser degree) Gen Xers sometimes get saddled with an "over-entitled and under-worked" label. But CIOs and other managers should know that this may be a mistaken impression. The vast majority of employees under age 45, in fact, feels valued by their organization, and is savoring the daily satisfaction of a job well done, according to new survey findings from RingCentral. Most of them think that responding to communications about work matters outside of normal hours are simply part of the job, even if they're on vacation. The findings also reveal often surprising sentiments about the two generations' work preferences. For starters, they actually prefer to communicate via e-mail as opposed to texts and IMs. And most do not feel their productivity thrives in a classic coffee shop setting or collaborative space. That said—given that CIOs and managers must make tradeoffs to appeal to these professionals—they may want to keep an open mind about requests for flextime and telework arrangements. More than 300 employees under age 45 (most of them Millennials) participated in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • Winning Combination

    78% of Millennials and Gen Xers feel valued by their employers, and 59% feel satisfied when they leave work every day.
    Winning Combination
  • Pushing the Pedal

    45% feel they're overworked, despite their overall satisfaction level.
    Pushing the Pedal
  • On Call

    53% feel obligated to respond to work communications after normal business hours, and 58% say they are expected to be accessible after hours.
    On Call
  • A Working Break

    Only 31% don't check in with the office while on vacation.
    A Working Break
  • Timely Response

    More than one-half expect coworkers and clients to return their e-mails within two hours.
    Timely Response
  • Useful Information

    96% say they are more productive when their expectations are clearly outlined, and 80% say their bosses communicate these expectations to them.
    Useful Information
  • Favored Option

    58% prefer to communicate on work matters via e-mail, compared to 15% who prefer to text and just 5% who favor IM and chat tools.
    Favored Option
  • Personal Approach

    70% say face-to-face discussions are the most effective and productive way to communicate with their bosses.
    Personal Approach
  • Tough Choice

    If they could pick only one device, 44% would prefer that their employers give them a PC while 37% would like a Mac. One-fifth prefers a tablet.
    Tough Choice
  • Satisfactory Surroundings

    73% say their organization provides the right mix of office environments to be productive.
    Satisfactory Surroundings
  • Most Productive Work Environments for Millennials/Gen Xers

    A private office: 65%, Quiet work spaces, like a library: 33%, Shared "open room" spaces: 23%, Collaborative spaces, like a conference room: 22%, Social spaces, like a café: 21%
    Most Productive Work Environments for Millennials/Gen Xers
  • Working Equation

    77% of Millennials and Gen Xers feel they maintain a good work-life balance.
    Working Equation
  • Top Ways in Which Employers Can Improve Work-Life Balance

    Allow for flex hours: 51%, Enable the freedom to work from any location: 45%, Reduce workloads: 28%
    Top Ways in Which Employers Can Improve Work-Life Balance
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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