The Cost of Bad Online Experiences

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 12-26-2013 Email Print this article Print

You'd think we would have the online shopping thing down pretty well by now, wouldn't you? Apparently not, according to a recent survey from LivePerson. Companies are losing sales opportunities every day due to their failure to establish a positive, interactive experience, findings show. And the manner in which organizations treat shoppers when they need to ask a question about a product—or simply can't log in—remains a primary culprit. The remedy? Deploy online solutions and tactics that enable service agents to make meaningful, engaging connections with customers. "The digital era is massively de-personalizing," says Anurag Wadehra, chief marketing officer at LivePerson. "Therefore, anytime brands can engage their customers with a more personalized, human touch, it makes a meaningful difference. No matter how connected today's consumers are, they still crave real-time, human communication with brands online. And they want it on the go, from the channel they are in." Nearly 6,055 global online consumers took part in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • A Deciding Factor

    84% of customers say a positive online experience with a company will lead them to trust and buy from the brand.
    A Deciding Factor
  • I'll Wait a Minute or So

    76 seconds is how long online consumers will wait to get help in real-time on a Website, before abandoning it for other sites.
    I'll Wait a Minute or So
  • Lost in Limbo

    Nearly three-of-five customers say they've e-mailed a company and never received a response.
    Lost in Limbo
  • Open Ticket

    58% say they have failed to have an issue resolved in a single interaction.
    Open Ticket
  • Stages Where Online Assistance Is Most Needed

    When customers has a specific question about a product they want to buy: 42%, When they have trouble making a purchase: 35%, When they have a problem with a purchased product: 35%, When they want to make a complaint: 27%, When they can't log on to their accounts: 26%
    Stages Where Online Assistance Is Most Needed
  • Fleeting Opportunity

    45% will abandon a purchase because of a bad online experience, and 41% will go to an alternative Website, such as a competitor's.
    Fleeting Opportunity
  • Top Reasons to Choose a Company Website

    Ease of browsing and searching: 74%, A previous positive experience: 64%, Customer ratings and reviews: 50%
    Top Reasons to Choose a Company Website
  • Top Engagement Drivers of a Consumer Online Experience

    Being able to reconnect with the same agent who helped previously: 87%, Having a live chat with an agent: 87%, Having the option to switch from live chat to a phone call with the agent: 81%, Displaying how-to videos to address the question with the chat window: 79%, Sharing the screen with the agent: 78%
    Top Engagement Drivers of a Consumer Online Experience
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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