What You Need Know About the Apple-IBM Partnership

By Karen A. Frenkel  |  Posted 07-22-2014 Email Print this article Print

Apple and IBM announced a global partnership last week that has the potential to re-invent the mobile enterprise. The exclusive partnership builds on the strengths of each company with the goal of transforming enterprise mobility through a new class of business apps that will bring IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to Apple's market-leading iPhones and iPads. Together, the two tech giants will develop 100 new industry-specific business apps exclusively for iPhones and iPads. Moreover, IBM's sales force will sell Apple mobile devices to its enterprise customers, and Apple will provide a new AppleCare service and support offering that is specifically tailored to the needs of the enterprise. The Apple-IBM dual effort will fuse IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities with Apple’s consumer experience, hardware and software integration, and developer platform. “We’re putting IBM’s renowned big data analytics at iOS users’ fingertips, which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is a 12-year IBM veteran. "This is a radical step for enterprise.”

  • Mobile Solutions to Transform Business

    Together, Apple and IBM will build IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions, a new class of apps for businesses like retail and health-care, banking, travel and transportation, telecommunications, and insurance. The first of these 100 apps will be available this fall.
    Mobile Solutions to Transform Business
  • IBM's End-To-End Services

    IBM MobileFirst will deliver end-to-end services including analytics, work flow and cloud storage, fleet-scale device management, security, and integration. Expect a private app catalog, data entrance action security services, and a productivity suite.
    IBM's End-To-End Services
  • Apple Offers Service and Support

    AppleCare for Enterprise will provide organizations with 24/7 assistance. IBM will deliver on-site service.
    Apple Offers Service and Support
  • iPhone and iPad Management

    IBM MobileFirst Supply and Management will address device supply and activation and management services for iPhones and iPads. A leasing option will also be available.
    iPhone and iPad Management
  • Agreement Helps IBM Reach Senior Decision-Makers

    The new partnership will help IBM reach CIOs in charge of making businesses' technology purchases and, of course, it will help sell more iPhones and iPads. While many employees use iPhones and iPads in their personal lives, enterprises have been more reluctant to adopt Apple devices.
    Agreement Helps IBM Reach Senior Decision-Makers
  • Big Blue Could Help Apple Sell More Computers

    IBM could also help Apple sell more Mac desktops and MacBook laptops to enterprises as company-issued PCs and laptops get old and need to be replaced.
    Big Blue Could Help Apple Sell More Computers
  • Business Apps Are Key

    The potential financial impact for IBM may hinge on whether customers find value in the forthcoming applications.
    Business Apps Are Key
  • Potential Bad News for Android

    According to some analysts, the Apple-IBM deal makes it much harder for Android to gain a foothold in corporations.
    Potential Bad News for Android
  • A True Partnership?

    Some analysts are not enthusiastic about the new agreement, saying IBM will be just another sales channel for Apple. Others note that the new partnership will help IBM's sales as it enables IBM to sell Apple products to customers that would have probably bought the Apple hardware independently if IBM didn't sell it.
    A True Partnership?
  • A Way for IBM to Boost Sales?

    Another analyst said IBM's sales have suffered in the last nine quarters. Also, its customers have probably bought Apple products independently when IBM would not sell them.
    A Way for IBM to Boost Sales?
Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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