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As continues to extend its reach beyond software as a service it's becoming clear the company is emerging as a major cloud computing resource in the enterprise. A new survey of more than 450 business and IT professionals conducted by the MIT Sloan School of Management and Bluewolf Consulting, an IT services firm, finds that the vast majority have come to view customer engagement as the primary driver for business growth. This means that rather than incurring the expense of chasing new customers, organizations of all sizes are squarely focused on driving more revenue from existing customer relationships. For CIOs that means investing more in customer relationship management (CRM) systems that house all of their data. Organizations are keenly interested in enabling salespeople to access that data while still in the field. While the survey makes it clear this trend is a work in progress, the combination of CRM and mobile computing, coupled with additional social networking tools delivered via the cloud, is undeniably powerful. Ultimately, is emerging as a viable cloud computing platform alongside Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The's strategic advantage is that, unlike those other cloud computing platforms, it already possesses a treasure trove of customer information.

  • Emerges as Strategic IT Platform

    CRM gets increasingly strategic as more companies manage the business in real time. more valuable than a year ago: 90%, Increase budget: 69%, See substantial innovation potential: 56% Emerges as Strategic IT Platform
  • Customer Engagement Rules the Day

    Increased customer engagement leads to more revenue., Customer engagement will overtake productivity as growth driver: 84%, Customer engagement ranks as top priority: 60%
    Customer Engagement Rules the Day
  • Emerges as App Dev Platform

    Customer data is at the heart of most enterprise applications. Increasing budgets to custom app development on 60%, Planning to build custom mobile apps on 52% Emerges as App Dev Platform
  • The Growing Importance of Mobile

    Mobile computing has become an article of faith for many business users. Real-time access to customer information on mobile devices is important: 71%, Significant business benefits from mobile: 18%
    The Growing Importance of Mobile
  • Frequency of Mobile Usage

    Usage of mobile computing is steadily rising. Daily: 20%, Weekly: 13%, Monthly: 10%, Less than monthly: 19%, Never: 38%
    Frequency of Mobile Usage
  • Mobile App Usage

    The array of mobile apps being used is growing as well. Classic: 44%, Chatter Mobile: 42%, Third-party apps: 30%, Salesforce Touch: 23% Mobile App Usage
  • Governance Accelerates Innovation touches too much of the business to be managed in isolation. Cloud governance is key to accelerating innovation: 93%, Companies updating monthly have governance boards: 75%, Has a group dedicated to cloud governance: 61%, Planning on adopting Marketing Cloud: 42%
    Governance Accelerates Innovation
  • Training Increases Number of Users training is driving usage. Provide training for administrators and developers: 89%, Have a comprehensive strategy to drive adoption: 47%, Pay employees to get certified: 42%
    Training Increases Number of Users
  • AppExchange Applications Installed

    The reach of is moving beyond CRM., At least one app installed: 91%, Five or more applications installed: 29%
    AppExchange Applications Installed
  • Communities Adoption

    Salesforce is trying to create customer communities that span multiple organizations. Already invested: 9%, Planning to purchase in the next year: 21% Communities Adoption
Mike Vizard has been covering IT issues in the enterprise for 25 years as an editor and columnist for publications such as InfoWorld, eWeek, Baseline, CRN, ComputerWorld and Digital Review.


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