CIOs Overwhelmed With Obsolete Apps

CIOs and other senior tech executives say IT is supporting far too many apps that are no longer relevant to business support, according to a recent survey from Capgemini. Most agree that app-modernization initiatives would help address the issue, but they also say that they don't have a formal strategy to align app deployment with business objectives. This could hurt performance in the long... Read More »

Mobility Tops the List of Digital Priorities

If you thought either big data analytics or cloud computing initiatives rank at the top of today's digital agenda, guess again. Mobility strategies hold a clear edge, according to a recent survey from Accenture. The resulting report, "Mobility: Fueling the Digital Surge," demonstrates how much further ahead "mobility... Read More »

CIOs Increasing Deployment of BPA Tools

Remember when we sent and received invoices in the mail? Or that we paid employees with printed checks that they'd take to the bank? Fortunately, these and other traditional methods of doing business are going the way of VHS tapes. CIOs and their tech teams are helping their organization reduce costs and improve efficiencies through increased investment in business process automation (BPA)... Read More »

Enterprises Failing to Secure M2M Transactions

Even though automated processes, called machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions, are overtaking human-to-computer transactions, M2M security is often overlooked, according to a new report by Forrester Consulting. M2M is used in applications such as billing, customer service and support, building automation, and digital signage. Read More »

CIOs Face New Challenges With Software Licensing

Managing software licenses has emerged as an onerous and vexing task. Here are three ways to navigate the software compliance space more effectively.

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The Future of Enterprise Mobility

A pair of mobility experts from 451 Research and Yankee Group talks about what's in store for the enterprise in terms of mobility trends and developments.

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How SaaS Pacesetters Are Gaining an Advantage

Software as a Service (SaaS) is serving as more than merely a cost-savings tool. It's helping organizations gain a competitive advantage through enhanced business processes, innovation and customer experiences, according to a recent survey from IBM. The accompanying report, "Champions of Software as a Service: How SaaS is Fueling Powerful Competitive Advantage," also depicts how SaaS is... Read More »

What CIOs Need to Know About Business Alignment

By now, CIOs are highly aware of the C-suite's growing interest in aligning IT planning, investment and deployment with strategic business goals. Despite the fact that much of this activity is driven by the increasingly unpredictable and rapid pace of market shifts, many organizations are still moving too slowly toward this goal. CIOs and tech departments are hardly the sole parties to... Read More »

IT Life After Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support

With Microsoft ending its free support of Windows XP on April 8, IT organizations that have not yet upgraded from the 12-year-old operating system are mulling their options. A new survey of 1,070 IT professionals conducted by Evolve IP, a provider... Read More »

How Continuous Delivery is Redefining IT

If your organization isn't fully committed to the concept of continuous delivery of software, then it may only be a matter of time. The vast majority of companies have at least started transitioning to this IT model, according to a recent survey from Perforce Software. As defined in the Perforce Software report, "Continuous Delivery: The... Read More »

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