Potential Problems Lurking in Private Clouds

Companies are increasingly turning to private clouds to run their mission-critical applications. But many are leaving their cloud performance subject to chance, according to a new survey from Continuity Software. A surprisingly large number do not test private cloud availability, findings show, and the majority do not have a... Read More »

IT Networks Keep Getting Older

Today's IT networks are as old as they have been in six years, according to new research from Dimension Data. The accompanying paper, titled the "2014 Network Barometer Report," presents a wide range of tech operations trends, in what can informally be described as a state-of-the-network update. Findings reveal that the majority of... Read More »

Call Centers Heading to the Cloud

If your organization's call center is premise-based, it's highly likely you'll be moving it to the cloud soon, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP and the Contact Center and Customer Care Industry Professional Network. The survey's accompanying "2014 North American Call Center" report reveals that CIOs and other decision-makers are... Read More »

Scripps Networks Broadcasts a Cloud Approach

A major U.S. television broadcast company turns to the cloud and more advanced IT infrastructure monitoring and management—and likes the results.

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How to Safeguard Against IT Infrastructure Outages

By now, organizations are well aware that any disruption in the availability of IT network and infrastructure systems will result in a disruption of business. In fact, many companies simply can't conduct any revenue-generating activities during downtime. As for the costs? They amount to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for a typical organization,... Read More »

Enterprise Still Main Target of DDoS Attacks

Enterprise and commerce continue to weather the most-frequent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks of all industries. Together, they account for 70 percent of reported attacks, with 159 for enterprise and 82 for commerce, according to Akamai Technology's latest "State of the Internet Report." American customers reported slightly less than half the total attacks. The Read More »

When Remote Access Equals No Access

Outdated, under-performing network hardware and the rise in extreme weather-related disruptions are causing IT organizations to struggle to meet employees' expectations about working remotely, according to a new survey by Pertino. The average desk job has moved beyond the office cubicle and "as a result, connectivity isn't a luxury, it's a... Read More »

IT Must Weather Climate Change

The world's climate has changed—and continues to change. IT must be prepared to keep the business running 24/7 despite the challenges of severe and unpredictable weather.

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Law Firm Makes a Case for IT Consolidation

An international law firm upgrades its storage and other key systems to build a better and greener IT infrastructure.

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Organizations Taking Outage Risks in the Cloud

When it comes to establishing a customer-facing presence in the cloud, how much downtime is too much? An hour? Two hours? An entire working day? If those times seem long, then you may be surprised to learn that one-quarter of IT professionals say that up to just under nine hours a year or even longer is perfectly acceptable, according to a recent survey from Read More »

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