Adjusting to Expanding Data Center Demand

To accommodate the staggering growth of big data, CIOs and other IT decision makers anticipate a significant increase in data center demand, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. The accompanying report, titled "Insights into Executive Challenges: Data Center Decisions," indicates... Read More »

CIOs Are Emerging as Vital Business Influencers

CIOs face a greater variety of challenges than ever, thanks to an ever-proliferating number of impactful tech developments. The digital universe is expected to grow to 40 zettabytes by 2020, due to a 50-fold increase in enterprise data. In two years, workloads made possible by virtual servers and private clouds will double those supported by physical servers. And with a surge of Baby Boomer... Read More »

Why Schools Fail at IT Disaster Recovery Efforts

Educational institutions lag behind commercial businesses in preparedness for major IT disasters, according to a new study. Only 26 percent of IT professionals surveyed said they feel very prepared for such an event. One-third of IT professionals said their organization suffered a major incident requiring disaster recovery procedures, according to the report. Of those, 11 percent had... Read More »

Lean Efforts Serve Up Big Benefits for IT Leaders

Lean principles, originally developed in manufacturing operations, can strengthen organizational performance and improve the customer experience.

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How Innovation Stands to Benefit Federal Agencies

Every organization could benefit from supporting innovation in the workplace, and federal agencies are no different. A new survey identifies steps federal agencies can take to foster innovation, which include implementing clearly defined processes with specific targets for innovation, improving tracking how new initiatives have performed and enhancing digital collaboration tools. Accenture... Read More »

How the Internet of Things Relies on IT Services

For CIOs, the growth of IoT is creating a major decision point, and for some, the IoT challenge is irresistible.

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How Shadow IT Transformed the Role of CIO

The majority of CIOs feel that their role is changing–and the rising trend of shadow IT is having a significant impact on this sentiment, according to a recent survey from BT Global Services. The report, titled "Art of Connecting: Creativity and the Modern CIO," indicates that CIOs must adapt due to shifting demands among... Read More »

When Security Breaches Come From Within

Although a majority of businesses worldwide admit their vulnerability to insider data breaches and expect to maintain or increase their IT security and data protection budgets, the logic underlying their solutions is unfocused, according to a new survey. They are spending hard-won budget dollars to protect relatively small amounts of sensitive data accessible through BYOD initiatives when... Read More »

Is the Term ‘IT Department’ on Its Way Out?

In response to a shift in the balance of power toward line-of-business executives, CIOs are reshaping their departments as internal service providers, according to a recent survey. And one-half of surveyed CIOs believe the term “IT department” is out of date and will be renamed within two years, according to the Logicalis-conducted Read More »

BARBRI Raises the Bar on Web Performance

A leading provider of educational services for law students turns to load balancing to address critical Web performance challenges.

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