A Guide to Managing Corporate Image Archives

Every organization has a trove of images, but not every organization has the understanding to proactively plan for managing it.

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12 Things Enterprises Don’t Know They Can Automate

Today, IT departments operate in increasingly complex environments with an array of heterogeneous technologies. Traditional batch processing and job-scheduling solutions only allow for the execution of one or more jobs on a single system and often require manual intervention. “While most operating systems, mission-critical applications and database management systems provide their own... Read More »

How Mishandled IT Incidents Spiral Out of Control

Organizations deal with literally hundreds of IT incidents every year, with each one consuming a considerable share of the tech department's time, according to a survey from Everbridge. The Read More »

Managing Chaos Through Digital Governance

Authority on digital governance Lisa Welchman opened up to CIO Insight on how digital governance provides the guidance leaders need to spark positive change.

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Why CIOs Are Adopting Virtual Desktops

CIOs and other executives are increasingly turning to virtual desktop deployment primarily to enhance mobility initiatives, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP. The "2015 Evolve IP... Read More »

Choosing the Right Time for Reorganization

There’s a good chance a new IT organizational design is in order—which you should begin immediately if you answer yes to several of these scenarios.

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IT Systems Fall Short of Contact Center Needs

A significant number of CIOs and other executives believe digitally enabled customer interactions will play a key role within their organizations' contact center operations, but many said their IT systems aren't supporting current needs, according to a recent survey from Dimension Data. The "2015... Read More »

Adjusting to Expanding Data Center Demand

To accommodate the staggering growth of big data, CIOs and other IT decision makers anticipate a significant increase in data center demand, according to a recent survey from Mortenson. The accompanying report, titled "Insights into Executive Challenges: Data Center Decisions," indicates... Read More »

CIOs Are Emerging as Vital Business Influencers

CIOs face a greater variety of challenges than ever, thanks to an ever-proliferating number of impactful tech developments. The digital universe is expected to grow to 40 zettabytes by 2020, due to a 50-fold increase in enterprise data. In two years, workloads made possible by virtual servers and private clouds will double those supported by physical servers. And with a surge of Baby Boomer... Read More »

Why Schools Fail at IT Disaster Recovery Efforts

Educational institutions lag behind commercial businesses in preparedness for major IT disasters, according to a new study. Only 26 percent of IT professionals surveyed said they feel very prepared for such an event. One-third of IT professionals said their organization suffered a major incident requiring disaster recovery procedures, according to the report. Of those, 11 percent had... Read More »

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