Call Centers Heading to the Cloud

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If your organization's call center is premise-based, it's highly likely you'll be moving it to the cloud soon, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP and the Contact Center and Customer Care Industry Professional Network. The survey's accompanying "2014 North American Call Center" report reveals that CIOs and other decision-makers are determined to reduce call-center costs while boosting the reliability factor, and they believe the cloud can help them achieve this. They'd also like to improve the scalability of call-center operations. Concerns abound, however, when it comes to how the move will impact the customer experience and IT security, findings show. Another issue is the wealth of call-center agents who are either working from home (or are expected to telecommute in the near future) and the availability of business continuity and disaster recovery tech resources to accommodate them. Nearly 200 call-center employees, in addition to organization C-suite execs, managers and supervisors, participated in the research. For more about the survey, click here.

  • Migration Situation

    Nearly 78% of call centers are premise-based, but 70% of organizations using premise-based centers plan to move them to the cloud. One-third plan to do so within the next 18 months.
    Migration Situation
  • Biggest Tech Investments for Call Centers

    Customer relationship management (CRM): 41%, Workforce management: 32%, Business intelligence: 31%, Quality management: 27%, Multichannel/chat capabilities: 25%
    Biggest Tech Investments for Call Centers
  • Spread Out

    61% of the centers surveyed have agents working in more than one location, and 10% have agents in more than 20 locations.
    Spread Out
  • Top Three Motivators for Moving Centers to the Cloud

    Lower total cost of ownership: 55%, Better business continuity and disaster recovery: 53%, More scalability: 53%
    Top Three Motivators for Moving Centers to the Cloud
  • Leading Concerns About Cloud-Based Call Centers

    Quality of service and call quality: 52%, Security: 52%, Reliability and uptime: 46%, Loss of control: 43%, Internal ability to administer the system: 42%
    Leading Concerns About Cloud-Based Call Centers
  • Flexible Position

    46% of organizations don't allow call-center agents to work from home, and that percentage is expected to decline to 31% by 2015.
    Flexible Position
  • Major Barriers

    76% of survey respondents say they don't have the tech tools required for agents and supervisors to allow call-center staffers to work from home, and 52% say they don't have telework policies in place.
    Major Barriers
  • A Failure to Plan

    Nearly two of 10 survey respondents say their organization does not have a disaster recovery plan.
    A Failure to Plan
  • A Lack of Capability

    More than one-half say their company doesn't have the capability to keep their call-center agents fully functional from home during a disaster.
    A Lack of Capability
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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