When Remote Access Equals No Access

By Karen A. Frenkel  |  Posted 05-22-2014 Email Print this article Print

Outdated, under-performing network hardware and the rise in extreme weather-related disruptions are causing IT organizations to struggle to meet employees' expectations about working remotely, according to a new survey by Pertino. The average desk job has moved beyond the office cubicle and "as a result, connectivity isn't a luxury, it's a necessity," the report notes. The majority of respondents say they value work-anywhere-any time flexibility and that it makes them more productive. "This is starting to expose weaknesses in legacy network technologies," says Todd Krautkremer, a Pertino vice president. "Cloud networking can free businesses from traditional hardware-related costs and constraints so they can extend secure network access to everyone, everywhere, and on any device…This all adds up to greater overall business productivity, less IT cost and support requirements, and greater employee satisfaction." Instant.ly conducted the online survey on behalf of Pertino, a cloud services company, and polled 991 employed U.S. adults, with four-year college degrees. For more about the Pertino study, click here.

  • Conductivity Is a Necessity

    75% of respondents rely on remote access to office files and applications so they can work when and where they wish.
    Conductivity Is a Necessity
  • Direct Remote Access to Network Aids Productivity

    Six in 10 adults say that a virtual private network, or remote access to the office, makes them more productive. 57% use remote access directly to their company network to avoid downloading files to their PC or using a cloud-based file-sharing service.
    Direct Remote Access to Network Aids Productivity
  • Top IT Areas Needing Improvement

    77% of respondents are dissatisfied with the current capabilities offered by their IT organization, with the top three areas for improvement being performance (58%), connection reliability (43%) and ease of use (31%).
    Top IT Areas Needing Improvement
  • Cost Hampers Remote Work

    33% of respondents do not have the option to work remotely mainly because of the cost and security risks.
    Cost Hampers Remote Work
  • Trouble Tickets Abound

    65% of respondents submit at least one trouble ticket per month about VPN and remote access-related issues to IT. 25% submit three or more trouble tickets per month.
    Trouble Tickets Abound
  • Weather Conditions Affect Productivity

    The recent Polar Vortex and other "storms of the century" across the U.S. are detrimental to productivity and profits. 66% of employees were affected by extreme weather. 50% were stranded without remote access. 27% say their office was shut down and IT systems were offline.
    Weather Conditions Affect Productivity
  • Storms Surprised Enterprise

    Some IT organizations were "caught flat-footed," according to the survey. 21% of stranded employees requested remote access, but IT could not provide it in time.
    Storms Surprised Enterprise
  • Productivity Depends on Remote Access

    Business productivity depends on employees being able to access office files and applications from anywhere, anytime, in both good and bad weather. This new reality is driving businesses to embrace mobile and cloud technologies.
    Productivity Depends on Remote Access
Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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