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Bigtincan's Content Intelligent report for the last half of 2013 finds that enterprise users increasingly need to manage, control, or simply oversee how much their users share content both inside and outside the organization. The biannual BIgtincan survey is conducted to highlight mobile users' interactions with content and emerging trends. The latest (and third) Content Intelligent report is based on anonymized and abstracted data from millions of interactions with mobile device users who use Bigtincan, an enterprise content and productivity hub, to access a wide spectrum of content. The data are calculated based on usage, connections, downloads and over 100 interaction types. Users were from 12 countries and speak 10 different languages. The second half of 2013 saw a 23 percent increase over the first half of 2013 in the number of mobile user sessions connections and iOS continues to dominate, according to the report. "We expect that as more and more business is conducted via mobile devices, the importance of governing content will be a big issue in 2014," says David Keane, founder and CEO of Bigtincan. "We are seeing customers implementing governance policies that are being enforced in real-time around what mobile users can and can't do with content based on the user's functional role in the organization, the sensitivity of the data and content, the location and network type that the user has accessed the content from." To read the full report (subscription required), click here.

  • Enterprise Mobility Market Continues to Explode

    The average number of usage sessions increased over 22% from the first half of 2013. Total engagement of content on the system increased 18% over the first half of 2013.
    Enterprise Mobility Market Continues to Explode
  • Apple's iOS Continues to Dominate the Enterprise

    86% of mobile devices connected to the Bigtincan hub in the second half of 2013 are from the Apple iOS ecosystem.
    Apple's iOS Continues to Dominate the Enterprise
  • Users are Interacting With New Types of Content

    New content types, like personal notes and forms, have become more important. Users are moving from traditional office file formats to web forms, HTML5 content and interactive video.
    Users are Interacting With New Types of Content
  • Average Number of Sessions

    In the second half of 2013, the average number of sessions on the iPad was 24, followed by 16 on the iPhone, 7 on the Android phone, and 4 on the Android tablet.
    Average Number of Sessions
  • iPad Leads in Time Use

    For the second half of 2013, the users spent an average of 43 minutes on the iPad, 35 on the iPhone, 20 on the Android tablet and 15 on the Android phone.
    iPad Leads in Time Use
  • Number of Interactions Each Day

    37% of users interact by reading, 22% sharing, 18% annotating in a comments box, 5% each, for updating and publishing
    Number of Interactions Each Day
  • Thursday Rules

    The most productive day for using content on a mobile device is Thursday, increasing from 17% of interactions to over 24% since the last report.
    Thursday Rules
  • Users Favor Server-Based Sharing

    Users are sharing large content files so that they can e-mail content in a controlled fashion and send attachments as manageable download links. In the second half of 2013, 50% of users shared links to stories and about 7% used link-based files.
    Users Favor Server-Based Sharing
  • Controlled Sharing Rises

    In the second half of 2013, 32% of content pieces published had sharing controls within the content, a 25% increase over the previous report.
    Controlled Sharing Rises
  • Enterprise and Social Media

    The report measured the use of Internet feeds according to RSS, Twitter- and Facebook-based feeds. RSS won, with 44% of companies choosing it, compared to 24% for Facebook and 11% for Twitter.
    Enterprise and Social Media
Karen A. Frenkel writes about technology and innovation and lives in New York City.


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