IT Pros' Biggest 2014 Fear: Data Loss

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 02-07-2014 Email

IT professionals face a multitude of issues each day, but none are larger than the threat of losing data or failing to properly backup and secure mission-critical information, according to a new survey of 230 IT workers by Iron Mountain. "As the volume of data continues to explode, companies are strapped with how to cost-effectively archive that information and protect it from potential data loss," says Jay Livens, director of product and solutions marketing at Iron Mountain. "The only way organizations can accomplish these goals and overcome their limited budgets is to store smart with a mix of cloud, disk and tape technologies." Livens' point is well-taken. With an increasing number of companies relying heavily on digital data, the onus is on IT pros to use any means necessary to keep company data backed up and secure. And sticking with a single solution, like just a public cloud or just tape is no longer a safe option.

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