IT Administrators Reeling From Stress Overload

IT Administrators Reeling From Stress Overload

High AnxietyHigh Anxiety

77% of IT admins say their jobs are stressful, up from 65% last year.

Enough Is EnoughEnough Is Enough

79% of IT admins are seriously considering leaving their current role due to job-related stress, up from 57% who felt this way last year.

Boss BurdenBoss Burden

36% say their managers are the biggest cause of their workplace stress, while 34% say it’s a lack of budget and staff to get the job done.

Off the ClockOff the Clock

23% say they put in between eight and 12 hours of unpaid overtime every week.

The Fallout: Social DisengagementThe Fallout: Social Disengagement

38% have missed social functions because of work.

The Fallout: Missing Family TimeThe Fallout: Missing Family Time

35% say they miss time with their families due to the demands of their job.

The Fallout: Restless SituationThe Fallout: Restless Situation

One-third regularly lose sleep over work pressures.

The Fallout: Unhealthy DiagnosisThe Fallout: Unhealthy Diagnosis

One-quarter say they’ve suffered from a stress-related illness, and 17% say they’re in poor physical condition because of their jobs.

The Fallout: Romantic BluesThe Fallout: Romantic Blues

24% have had a relationship severely damaged—or fail—due to work demands.

The Fallout: Dubious DistinctionThe Fallout: Dubious Distinction

30% feel they are the most stressed-out person in their social group or family.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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