Six Biggest Challenges Facing IT Managers

Six Biggest Challenges Facing IT Managers

Top Management PrioritiesTop Management Priorities

Process management: 86%, Performance management: 72%, Change management: 68%, Quality management: 60%, Project management: 56%, Financial management: 35%

Biggest Challenges of … Process ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Process Management

Governing for cross-functional work: 44%, Engaging leadership in process management: 40%, Identifying, prioritizing and selecting improvement opportunities: 36%

Biggest Challenges of … Performance ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Performance Management

Establishing a performance culture: 45%, Identifying the right benchmarks and their sources: 38%, Defining and using process measures: 37%

Biggest Challenges of … Change ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Change Management

Engaging employees throughout the change journey: 45%, Integrating change management strategies for transformational change: 43%, Overseeing strategies and techniques: 33%

Biggest Challenges of … Quality ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Quality Management

Creating a quality management system that truly impacts the work of staff: 50%, Empowering processes to take advantage of quality principles and tools: 43%, Understanding the enterprise activities necessary to support a culture of quality: 41%

Biggest Challenges of … Project ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Project Management

Measuring the success of projects based upon business results: 39%, Evolving your project management office/team from process compliance to performance excellence: 32%, Developing project leaders instead of project managers: 30%

Biggest Challenges of … Financial ManagementBiggest Challenges of … Financial Management

Planning and budgeting: 64%, Financial forecasting: 56%, General accounting and financial reporting: 38%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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