Why Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured Away

Why Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured Away

Why Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured AwayWhy Top-Performing IT Pros Get Lured Away

With recruitment wars heating up, companies are happy to woo tech talent from their competitors—and even search outside of their industry to connect to candidates.

Expansion PlanExpansion Plan

78% of survey respondents say their organization will increase the hiring of IT professionals this year, with 46% anticipating tech staffing growth of no less than 10%.

Hot JobsHot Jobs

75% say it will be either “very” or “extremely” important to aggressively recruit for software app developers/architects in 2016, and 55% say the same about Web/IOS developers.

Personnel ProblemPersonnel Problem

43% say that the finding and hiring of the right tech talent represents a top concern, and 18% indicate that they greatly struggle to retain IT employees.

Greener PasturesGreener Pastures

27% say tech employees are leaving their companies because they aren’t getting paid enough.

Next, Big ThingNext, Big Thing

21% say IT workers are leaving to pursue more exciting opportunities and/or the chance to work with new, “hot” technologies.

Intervention EffortIntervention Effort

53% say they’ll try to retain a tech employee if they know the employee is being pursued by a competitor.

Top Reasons Why Tech Job Candidates Turn Down OffersTop Reasons Why Tech Job Candidates Turn Down Offers

Better compensation offers from other companies: 39%, More promising career/professional development through other potential employers: 18%, Better benefits offered elsewhere: 10%

Talent WellTalent Well

More than 35% of survey respondents say their company recruits talent from within its own industry, and 24% say it seeks to hire employees away from competitors. Nearly one-of-five say their organization recruits IT workers from outside of its own industry.

External FocusExternal Focus

Less than 9% say their company recruits tech talent within the organization.

Outside AssistanceOutside Assistance

65% say their company’s need for tech consultants this year will either increase, or remain the same.

Holiday CheerHoliday Cheer

More than three-quarters say year-end bonuses for IT pros in 2015 were higher than the year before, with one-in-10 saying they were at least 11% higher.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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