Why IT Has Fallen Behind the Pace of Business

Why IT Has Fallen Behind the Pace of Business

Why IT Has Fallen Behind the Pace of BusinessWhy IT Has Fallen Behind the Pace of Business

Business users of the digital generation expect immediate access to information and apps, and IT is having trouble keeping up with these demands.

Static SituationStatic Situation

15% of survey respondents consider their organization as “extremely nimble” in responding to future business needs.

Adjustment RequiredAdjustment Required

72% said it’s critical or “very” important to modify IT tech, processes and resources to support a digital business model.

Off PremiseOff Premise

Survey respondents said that, on average, their company keeps 55% of its apps in either a public or private cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment.

Scattered MigrationScattered Migration

83% said their company has at least three different cloud platforms in use, with 27% indicating they have no less than 10.

Top Priorities to Ensure Digital World CompetitivenessTop Priorities to Ensure Digital World Competitiveness

Data security in the cloud: 52%, Positive customer experiences: 39%, Strong infrastructure performance/availability: 35%, More timely creation of development and production environments: 37%, Improved cloud and data-center management to best utilize all assets: 32%

Defensive StanceDefensive Stance

74% of survey respondents said they must enhance overall IT security over the next 12 months.

Tech TalentTech Talent

53% said they must hire and retain new IT talent and improve tech skills over the next 12 months.

Construction PlanConstruction Plan

52% said they have to build a scalable and predictable IT environment over the next 12 months, while 42% said they’re seeking to implement a hybrid cloud strategy and platform.

Biggest IT ChallengesBiggest IT Challenges

Evolving security/compliance threats/risks: 49%, An increasingly complex IT infrastructure: 45%, IT overhead/costs: 41%, Need for 24/7 tech systems availability: 39%

Output InterruptionOutput Interruption

Half of survey respondents said their organization experiences at least four service outages a month, with 27% reporting no less than seven a month.

Extended DelayExtended Delay

51% said it takes no less than an hour to restore service after an outage, with 21% indicating it takes at least five hours to do this.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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