Databases & Agility Key to Digital Transformation

Databases & Agility Key to Digital Transformation

Databases & Agility Key to Digital TransformationDatabases & Agility Key to Digital Transformation

Databases are essential to the success of digital transformations, and companies agree that agility is also vital to those initiatives.

Embracing AgilityEmbracing Agility

Asked to rank business drivers, 70% of software firms and 68% of companies in other industries identify business agility as one of the three most important initiatives.

Time to MarketTime to Market

Bringing products and/or updates to market faster is another essential business driver for software companies (62%) compared with non-software companies (40%).

Lowering CostsLowering Costs

81% of business product owners and 46% of respondents in all other roles consider lowering the cost of ownership one of the most important business drivers.

The Importance of SecurityThe Importance of Security

43% of enterprises identified security and compliance as a top-three business driver, compared with only 19% of software companies.

Industry Divided on Security and ComplianceIndustry Divided on Security and Compliance

25% of all respondents ranked security and compliance as the top or second business driver for strategic technology initiatives, but 44% placed it at the very bottom.

Agility Does Not Equal RevenueAgility Does Not Equal Revenue

For all organizations, business agility was not correlated with competitive differentiation or new revenue.

SQL Remains the Gold StandardSQL Remains the Gold Standard

60% of respondents use only relational databases, despite the buzz around NoSQL. Those users still value the tenets of an SQL database, and 62% believe SQL support to be either critical or very important.

Containers and Micro Services GrowContainers and Micro Services Grow

Regardless of which database they use for strategic technology initiatives, 75% of respondents use, or plan to use, containers in the next 12 months.

Top Business Drivers for Software FirmsTop Business Drivers for Software Firms

Agility: 70%
Time to market: 62%,
Total cost of ownership: 48%,

Top Business Drivers for EnterprisesTop Business Drivers for Enterprises

Agility: 68%,
Time to market: 47%,
Total cost of ownership: 43%

Bottom Business Drivers for Software FirmsBottom Business Drivers for Software Firms

Competitive differentiation: 78%,
Drive new revenue: 61%,
Security and compliance: 54%

Bottom Business Drivers for EnterprisesBottom Business Drivers for Enterprises

Competitive differentiation: 65%,
Drive new revenue: 65%,
Security and compliance: 38%

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Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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